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  • Lauren

    January 24, 2021 at 10:05 am

    Those of us who are on a mission here on this planet, have 2 things to accomplish. 1) the mission itself, and 2) heal ourselves so that we can fulfill those missions…

    I will add that these two things are one in the same ⇾ the (phase 1) mission work IS the self-healing work, they cannot be separated. “The work” is done thru ourcellves. (As within, so without.) Phase 2 mission work is the expression of our healed/whole Selves.

    In regard to this…

    Then, I just recently learned that my True Higher Self is also in need of healing, because she is so disappointed with my progress and actions, that she doesn’t love me either.

    I also feel to mention that your True Higher Self is already whole and complete. There is no need for healing the higher part of you, that part of you is connected to your Source Self, and is here to serve YOU, not the other way around. Our HS helps us to heal our lower self/human aspects, so we can return to that higher state of purity in form. As well, your Higher Self would never discourage you, condemn you, or cause you harm…it is a Source of True, unconditional LOVE, admiration, compassion, and respect for you because it is IS you. My sincere advice is that you begin to question your source of communication.