Heartmind Mastery: becoming a YOUniverse

Happy Valentines Day❣️+ Lunar New Year!????????  February 12th marked the first day of the xin chou year, or Year of the (Metal) Ox which feels very appropriate to the opening of the Aquarian Age.  The strong will of the ox coupled with the element of metal supports a year in which we will continually witness honest, clear, direct, straightforward, and even blunt communication in favor of Truth.  This is a year that those of pure Heart will not be afraid to speak up, to say what needs to be said in order to hold those accountable who have not been taking self-responsibility very seriously.

Where the (1/masculine) month of January was all about instilling the personal/individual boundaries needed to place these new parameters around what is/is not acceptable to our LOVE…the (2/feminine) month of February is about upholding them in our relationship with each other and the world, creating an entirely new framework for how we function in unity.

Since we are now fully immersed in the New Earth (unity/ONEness) frequencies, there is no intrinsic division left between us and the world around us and so it is incumbent upon us to define/decree/declare that separation now.  And so the first order of business in the establishment of divine governance and regaining True authorship over our lives is sealing up our own fields which require 1) clear boundaries and 2) declarations of intent to complete the circuit, to pull the drawbridge UP, to close the gateway to old earth.

This made for a bit of a bumpy landing into the new world, where we crossed over into the unified Self and now have access to our opposite inner gender…which can feel like foreign territory. Depending on your constitution this means that you are either finding yourself in a newly masculine or a newly feminine domain, while also having to determine your own (Heartmind) balance point in this new space.

As a broad example, if you are crossing over into the divine feminine side of self, you may be reconnecting with your spiritual blueprint, coming into your higher-ascended life mission…where if you are crossing over into the divine masculine side of self may be coming into the full-fledged execution of it.  On a more personal level, you may be suddenly opening to your creative Self-expression and/or authentic Self LOVE & inner child innocence (feminine), or bolstered in your strength to guard & protect those precious jewels (masculine).

In either case, divine gender is a spectrum and so we are not only tasked with finding our unique m-f sweet spot this year, but we are capable to do so now…to merge with the other side of self…where prior we were barred access.  Tho we are still dealing with the fallout (clearing/reorganizing/restructuring) from this…from crossing over and the major timeline collapse that ensued…the universal sorting of which will continue until all elements are in their proper place (frequency).  Ultimately, this was a bifurcation/timeline split that enabled the finite division between old earth (descending timeline) & new (ascending timeline)…as well as the resultant death that always accompanies new birth.

To that aim, we have been walking out the end of old duality dynamics and power grabs as they play out (purge) in our relationships, which meant collosol cord-cuttings that amounted to a clean break from our old self & life.  Now, via the new moon in Aquarius (2/11), we are in a position to rebuild anew from the ashes of the old ⇾ but with a whole new set of tools and skills derived from our newly accessible, opposing yet harmonious gender forces.

Whenever the old & new are overlapping in the death & birth process it is always a confusing time of loss & gain, emptying out & filling up. We go thru deep void periods (uninspired, unmotivated, untethered) that are overlayed with glimpses of new life, elation, expansion, and creative openings.  This is all part of the quantum shifting/leaping (timeline jumping) that causes the breaking apart of old realities as we settle in the new. Moving forward, and as Mercury turns direct at the end of next week, we will begin to find our new feet in preparation to plant them in the newly Aquarian soil this spring. ????

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