Home at Last: our destination vibration

The Sun entered Pisces last week (2/18) after a wickedly potent Aquarius Season, one by which the already heightened energies seem to have doubled in intensity thru the 22 stargates. The purpose of the persistent spikes in energy…and all the accompanying altitude sickness from the rapid ascent in consciousness ???? …has been to push/squeeze/dial us up to arrive at our “destination vibration” where we can start to settle in and unpack the contents of our Soul now rooted within the safety of our Home frequency.

As the light rapidly increases it organically magnifies the dissolution of expired/false realities in an expedited way.  This rapid dismantling has been enhancing the purification process thru an early spring cleaning as the heightened solar radiation kills off everything that is not in alignment with our Soul’s intentions. We’ve already moved thru so much since the solstice and we will continue to drop more density thru this remaining (universal 9) month of death & endings.  And tho these endings coincide with the undulating waves of incoming rebirth energy that are gently flushing out our pasts with the tide, the death themes have definitely been louder, more pervasive, and extremely exhausting for the body to live thru.

Universal 9 months are rarely a time to start anything new but a time to choose out of the old (ways of being), to clear any internal blocks to the beginnings beckoning us in the next (universal 1) month. While we are waiting for things to open up and welcome the foreseeable future, we need to completely close the door on all 3D/4D matrix systems…i.e. any place we are still giving our power away by reaching outside of ourSelves…so that we can move on and create our New/True Earth life.

February has been our month to do just that. A moment to sit in the death of our past and be egregiously heady objective about the enlightened future that’s calling us⇾ compliments of Aquarius’ notorious farsightedness. Before we can fully open up to our new pathway in March we need to cut all (codependency) cords in absolute faith of our inner/higher power which is reorienting us from our karmic to dharmic destiny.  With this reorientation comes new skills, interests, passions, projects, careers, etc., along with new levels of Life Force to nourish…with our own internal Sun…the tender sprouts of new growth emerging from the October seeding cycle.

As we finish up this epic Mars retrograde cycle (on 3/15) and rebuild our masculine power thru Aries Season, passion, vitality, drive, motivation, and even excitement will return.  This is presenting as a highly spirited, replenishing/refilling/refueling force needed to restore our health & wealth energies after all the death & depletion of the two universal 9 months of December & February.

We are also approaching the one-year completion point of “the birth of the Cosmic Realm” (on Earth as it is in Heaven) when we started morphing our vessels into our starborn (solar/spiritual) state following the astrological new year in 2022.  This was a year-long journey to becoming the sole/soul/solar provider of/for our human aspect, the Mother & Father principle of our Holy Child/Risen Sun Self which means we will soon be free to begin implementing these changes in our lives.

With this major completion comes some long-awaited clarity, confidence, direction, community, and support…along with more certainty about how to move forward & when/how to take action.  We are given the impetus to get more organized so we can create the systems needed to ground these new Soul ventures, making things that were previously impossible…like sticking to routines needed to build a successful/fulfilling life…more possible.  After 6 months of intensive root clearings carving out the space in our bodies for the all-new-everything, it’s time for active lifestyle changes that will genuinely improve the function and (emotional, financial & physical) well-being of our lives thereby permitting us to pursue our long-term goals.

Last year we may have rekindled the desire for these ventures, but without the wind in our sails.  This year, as the unified frequencies are rooted in our bodies, more consistent energy for the long-term is coming online after years/decades of inconsistency impairing our ability to stick to any kind of plan.  We’ve been manically moving in and out of the “everything’s possible” to “nothing’s possible” extremes for decades…stuck in a brutal game of Red Light, Green light that no one agreed to play. ????????????

Next month, as Saturn moves into Pisces (3/7) and we enter Pluto in Aquarius era (3/23), more freedom will emerge to move beyond the frustrating fits & starts so that we can finally ground our New Earth dreams and structure them into something tangible.

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