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As of the Taurus new moon on 5/19, eclipse season is officially closed and we are now headed for a palpable shift as the energies morph from the endless earthy stillness to the swift-moving airiness of Gemini Season. After nearly 2 months of being largely dormant/yet simultaneously hurled thru space at warp speed…and with Mercury now direct…it’s time to get back into the body and begin putting the pieces of our lives back together⇾ in right/divine order.

This eclipse season was about crossing over to the State of Eternal Daylight (via Aries solar eclipse) thru a very personal, inner-guided journey that asked us to put a final death to division and get our power back from the distorted lower masculine (via Scorpio lunar eclipse). Our Starborn/Love·worker mission to heal & transmute our inherited karmic imbalances from our ancient genetic lineages is now complete and the 5:5 (liberation) codes have been freeing us at the substrate of our lives to move forward into our dharmic destiny.

The war is over, the battle is won. Now it is time to sow new seeds for inner-world peace.

To successfully make our transition we needed to be taken completely offline, suspended in a maddening Jell-O-like state to witness the last of our human self dissolve into nothingness while the foundation of our lives was uprooted from the old earth reality and rerouted to the New.  This may have played out in a myriad of ways but without our usual connection to the familiar or comfortable we have been able to directly tend to those imbalances in power (life force) that have prevented us from embodying & expressing our complete Selves.

This mega unearthing also incurred a massive DNA detox that has been facilitating deep cellular releases of stored emotion/trauma as we empty the death energies from our vessels and flood the base of our bodies with living Light.  And as the Light (of GOD) touches down at the root of our existence, all those things that thrive in the dark (mold, fungus, yeast/candida, pathogens) are simultaneously being purged from our Temples.  Coping with exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, muscle aches, skin rashes, brain fog, blurry vision, etc. has been an everyday endeavor with what feels like a never-ending healing crisis.

Tho we have technically been wading thru the death energies since Scorpio Season 2022…via the Scorpio solar eclipse in October…our final descent into the darkness thru this last Scorpio lunar eclipse in the series (on 5/5) afforded us the ability to permanently disable the lower human (ego) processor that operates on the false matrix.  This means we can now fully activate our Diamond Core Processor thru Gem·in·i season and move forward as a collective⇾ free of our karmic storyline, free of all underworld influences.

This is game. over. for duality.  Thru Gemini Season, those at the fore are stepping out of separation once and for all…which pulls the plug on the illusion…in preparation to take our planet back.  This is where the New Human adventure begins, where we shift reality systems, where the New Earth Hologram begins to overlay our old earth reality.  To give us a leg up, on 5/17 Jupiter (expansion) moved into (Venus-ruled) Taurus from (Mars-ruled) Aries which completed an empowering 12-month journey of Higher Self-realization for the Rising Suns.  We are transcending all the lower masculine triggers & traps, readying to burst into our new lives with our newly reclaimed sense of Self and begin our new/true Life as LOVE.

These palpable forces of alchemy have been bubbling in our cauldrons thru the equinox-eclipse gateways preparing to be made manifest thru the Solstice when our inner world (new choices & changes) turns outward to become physically realized.  In the process, we are being welcomed into a whole new dimension of reality where peace can be consistently relied upon without dipping back into the discordant/death energies.

As the old earth cycles resolve within us layer by layer we are being cleared to move forward with the rebirth & renewal energies that are supporting us to feel more confident, more trusting in our emerging new path…and in life in general.  The new codes for new life will be arriving to enable us to reprogram our DNA to include the vital health & wealth energies while Mars in Leo provides us with the passion, purpose, power & potential to jumpstart our lives.

After an extremely challenging few months, the Taurus new moon is providing a portal for a much-needed restart (or course correction) as we step permanently out of the past and into the future in greater alignment with our dharmic destiny, divine assignments, and the magic of our new creations. ????✨ 

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