New Earth “Special” Reports:

New Earth Special Reports* are additional, topic-specific reports offering more in-depth information that will often include related tips & tools where the monthly, standard  NEW EARTH REPORTS  are based on cosmic/lunar cycles, and collective timeline unfoldments.

*NOTE: Special Reports are NOT included in membership. They are available to the public, for individual purchase only, via PDF instant download.

The Trinity Gateway

Tips for Template Transposition

Special Report #1:  Those at the higher levels of embodiment of the Christed/Immortal/Higher Self are entering the “Final Act of Ascension”⇾ the process of Transposition (of the flesh to a body of light…aka, resurrection) which means we are growing in our capacity to participate with the Cosmic Life Force.

This report offers specific tips to assist with grounding this experience in the physical realms, as “heaven begins to open from within the body” ⇾ the be-all-end-all, the end game, the “grand finale”, the acquisition of the Holy Spirit in form. 

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