Cell Speak eProgram: a guide to intentional programming

As we personally & collectively further ourselves along our evolutionary journey toward the embodied state of open-hearted LOVE, we must learn how to nurture & develop a new 5th dimensional relationship with our physical bodies…which is very different from our 3D relationship with ourcellves.

Cell Speak is what the Seven Sisters of Pleiades refer to as “The New-Human Operation Manual”.

Broken down into 8 weekly modules, Cell Speak™ is a comprehensive (but streamlined) e-program that is delivered to you via email in a written format. Well, technically, it’s a micro-membership program…meaning, the information is NOT time-sensitive, so there is no pressure: you are not working with others on the same time-line, such as in an e-class where you have to keep up with the pace of the group.

You can join at any time and you will receive your 8 weekly modules in succession and participate with the program as you choose, when you choose.

Cell Speak™ contains layers of mind-expanding concepts and information that diligently builds the foundation required to understand and work with the intentional programming techniques given to us by the lighted beings of Pleiades.

It provides a base-level understanding of how our 5th dimensional biology functions, but most importantly, how to operate it thru a specific process that utilizes the body’s intelligence to change, or alter our state of being at will.

The techniques offered in this program assist us to utilize the body’s technologies to attain optimum well-being, to achieve the supreme state of balance that we all strive for and the rewards of that balance: stabilization, restoration, rejuvenation, revitalization and ultimately…transfiguration.

Cell Speak™ is a co-written venture between The Seven Sisters of Pleiades, and myself, and contains a wealth of valuable wisdom, knowledge & information that are essential for the New Human biology.

✡ The new communication required for our 5D biology
✡ The Geometry of Biology: fractals & the holographic being
✡ Bio-dynamic intelligence
✡ The New-Human default setting
✡ The activation of the 13th strand of DNA
✡ Immortality & the Mortal Program
✡ Biological Regeneration & the human genome
✡ Adamantine Particle Intelligence
✡ The conscious command of LOVE
✡ The role of 528 Hertz: the Source code
✡ The Magnetic (High) Heart & its function in 5D
✡ The Sacred Properties of H2O
✡ The Biology of Intentional Programming

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Cell Speak takes the relationship with our physical cellf to the next level.  We are being offered the insights and guidance necessary to develop and hone this needed relationship so that we can restructure and enhance our body and lives in unprecedented ways.

The sisters say (half-jokingly) that the new human computer does not come with an operation manual…which is why they are offering us one…and that similar to indigenous cultures, many of its functions must be passed down, or taught by those who have already achieved or embody similar bio-circuitry.

This e-program is the first of its kind and is only the very beginning of whole new world that is opening to those who choose to fulfill their full-human potential!

In addition to the 8 weeks of lessons, you will also receive helpful tools to assist you along the way: exercises, tips, fun-factoids, occasional Q & A, in addition to some bonus material that includes some of my own personal experiences, journal entries and transmissions.

“We are approaching the level of preparedness to merge completely with our biology, to join forces with our physical vessels in a fully conscious way so that we can wholeHEARTedly navigate the new world as genetically altered, activated & cosmically-aligned, divine-human beings.”

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Cell Speak™ e-program



Payment Plan Option:


Four payments of $80.50 billed bi-weekly during 8 week program


**NOTE: After you make your purchase you will automatically receive a welcome email and the e-program breakdown so be sure to add the email address in the checkout process that you wish to use for the delivery of the modules/lessons.