Cell Speak™: self-regeneration technique

A Cell Speak™ supplemental programming guide.

If you have completed the core program, then you have a solid foundation to build upon with this technique, however, the core program is not a requirement to utilize the self-regeneration method.

This supplemental guide was specifically created as a stand-alone process, as well as a complement to the foundational level of information provided in the beginner’s guide.

It is for those who are consciously migrating from the 3d to 5D body template and who are ready to work more directly with their own DNA matrix.

The technique was provided by my own Pleiadian star team to not only assist us in the embodiment process but to support the self-regeneration journey as well.

It can be used to both sustain and maintain our physical changeover from carbon to crystalline cell structure, as well as reinforce our resolve to disengage from the 3D grid of dependence as we merge more fully with the crystalline/diamond light grid of sustenance.

While this guide is not intended to be used as a healing tool as much as it is a tool for ensoulment, it is also suitable for those discovering their New Human capabilities….those who desire to align with the new body system in preparation for 5th dimensional, light-body living.

The time is nigh to take your take your biology to places never before imagined. -Pleiadian High Council

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“OMG Lauren, I am floating on a cloud of joy. I am only on page 6 of the Self Regeneration Technique & I can feel deep inside every smidgen is truly happening right now inside my body. I have been feeling this blissful energy coming in for several days & your latest guide is so confirming of all this heavenly life we are all about to have access to. Thank you, thank you & thank you some more…Hallelujah!!!’  -Anita, California

I read the self re-generation technique and I have to admit that I’m very impressed.  I’m very excited about this program mostly because it gives me the power to affect the progress of my particular process…I feel very comfortable with that.  Thank you Lauren ! Very impressive piece of work.  -Paloma, Canadian Rockies

I have been dealing with a physical issue for the past month or so which is accompanied by significant pain. Nothing was helping until I started this (Cell Speak) course and (also) using the Cell Regeneration visualization. I now do the auto program a few times a day and have experienced marked improvement this week.  I get the point that this isn’t “healing” per se as much as it is aligning to my Divine Blueprint…but even as many things as I’ve manifested using the Law of Intention and Attraction over the last few years, I must note how effective this practice is. –Jeff (Fort Worth, TX)

All I can say is that I Love It! I sometimes just place myself in the crystalline grid and marinate in the light.  Thank you for your brilliant light! –Shelley, (Harrisburg, Pa)

Yesterday, while doing step 1, I felt something which is difficult to describe. I usually feel like electricity running through my body when I do step 1, but yesterday it got very intense and I also felt like my whole body was pulsing and I felt ecstatic and almost moved to tears. This was totally unexpected and happened spontaneously; I did nothing to make it happen. It was such a breathtaking experience!  -Eve