Conscious Memory Recall

Conscious Memory Recall is a very simple but powerful (higher) self-guided soul retrieval exercise designed to reclaim the lost parts of our soul that may be driven from the body through emotional duress and/or trauma.

Soul fragmentation is the root source of most mental, emotional and physical dis-ease.  When we suffer through loss, heartbreak, abuse and/or tragedy we can temporarily lose a part of our vital life force energy, tho most times these soul aspects are immediately returned.

This exercise is recommended for when there is a lasting effect from suffering, (whether you are conscious of the memory or not) for example…power loss/displacement, chronic fatigue, addictive behaviors, panic attacks/anxiety, depression, emotional numbness, etc…or any unresolved memory that is preventing the higher self from embodying.

Soul fragment retrieval permanently restores vitality & personal power. -Pleiadians

Unlike traditional forms of soul fragment retrieval, like past life regression and hypnotherapy, Conscious Memory Recall is a self-guided and fully conscious process that is governed solely by your own higher power.

This means that the process is regulated and orchestrated by the larger part of YOU which also means that you always heal at your own pace, and for your highest good.

Just like all the other healing tools gifted to us from the Pleiadian beings of light, this technique is water-clear and broken down in an easy-to-apply way. It is safe, gentle, non-invasive, highly effective and it is also simple enough to use on a regular basis with ongoing results.  It’s available as an instant downloadable PDF, but includes a link to an online audio version of the exercise.

Lauren, Thank you SO much for this.  It was so appropriate I cannot even say it in words…:) I just literally got done with the exercise and feel a sense of clarity ALREADY!  Geez, I felt like I was so stuck!! Seriously, like when is this going to end!!  I feel much better now, and will probably do the exercise again. The Pleiadians are very special to me (It was one of their books that woke me up!) , and although I am new to your work, I love the way you simplify everything…and with such humor..:)  Its very real and heartfelt, and I enjoy it. Thank you again…I am feeling much more like me and I only did the exercise once!!   -Antonette Verna, Jupiter FL

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Your Centrifugal Healing Program and Soul Fragment Retrieval have been such and invaluable and priceless support I can’t even begin to tell you and thank you is such a small thing for what you have given me.. They came into my life in DIVINE TIMING at the exact point I was ready.   -Lesley Tara (Copenhagen, Denmark)