Memory Replacement Program

The MRP is a divinely ordered gift given to us by enlightened members of the Pleiadian star system. This guidebook provides higher dimensional re-programming techniques to quickly and effectively eradicate emotional suffering derived from past pain & trauma while overlaying new holographic reality programs to recreate the future.

With this tool, you will learn a powerful and practical technique to not only release emotional blockages to regain vitality, but you will also gain an understanding of how to achieve emotional freedom at will by learning how to:
Upload memories from your CPU
◑ Reset your neurological sensory map
◑ Rewrite and download programs
◑ Set, run & even test the new programs



“What can I say except that I LOVE IT! I feel that just in the reading of the e-book there is a healing happening. I do think its short and concise enough to re-read again and again as layers reveal even more lurking beneath the surface….your inspiration is felt in each word!” – Suzanne

“I love your book!! All the information is “water clear” and powerful! Thank you so much Lauren”
“What? OMG…you blow my mind! You are truly a blessing. I bow to your expressions and clear words. Thank you so much for BEing”. –Michael, Sedona Natural Healing
“I have started to study your fantastic Memory Replacement Program and you seem truly to be insprited by a genius or by some consciousness beyond our present understanding!” -Johan, Southamptom

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