The Telepathy Training E-course

The Telepathy Training E-course is a complete guide to inter-dimensional communication… designed for the absolute beginner, but with the seasoned telepath in mind.

In this all-inclusive e-course, you will learn how to develop and nurture life-altering relationships with your higher aspects: spirit guides, soul team members, starbeings, angels, ascended masters, and the many extraordinary beings of light who excitedly anticipate your arrival at inter-dimensional communication.

Packed with practical tips, tools & techniques based on various stages of my own guided journey to awakening, The Telepathy Training E-course is an extensive collection of information gathered from many years of personal, spiritual & psychic development in addition to a rigorous telepathic training with the unseen realms.

This training program will take you step by step through the various & necessary stages of reconnection and provide you with 12 valuable lessons in telepathic mastery along with examples & exercises that not only supply you with the information and tools to awaken your telepathic potential, but also guide you to effectively apply it.

Whether you’re looking to expand your potential, enhance your healing practice, teach others, become spiritually self-sufficient, or even if your just plain curious…the Telepathy Training E-course has something extra-ordinary to offer you

I am so-o-o-o-o pleased to have access to this guidance; in this moment I can but send gratitude to you from my heart, gratitude that is beyond words to express! Thank you, thank you, and thank you…Jim Gerber

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