Quantum DNA: return to authentic genetics

March is notoriously a powerhouse month of transition with all the trinity (3:3) stargates pushing us to rebirth into life via true/triality consciousness, but this March holds the extraordinary amount of energy necessary to bring us to an entirely new level of (unified) life experience.  The Pisces new moon of which (3/13) really kicked things off for us all, serving up a major karmic death + birth point into our higher spiritual identity on Earth.

Because of this major death·birth we are all moving thru, the old Earth/Pisces Age energies of suffering, powerlessness, persecution, victimization. etc. have been rapidly dissolving out of our cell-matrix, lifting us out of our old state of reality…out of this lifetime really…and coming to a palpable completion thru this final Piscean purge following the collapse of some major personal, relationship and collective timelines.  Simultaneously, we are en route to delivering our (original/complete) souls into new/Second Life as we shift from the formless void state of darkness (LOVE) to Light via the Aries season of resurrection.

This is where our new life cycle meets the physical world which means we are all having to make way for this delivery, to let go of something major…something we have been carrying around for lifetimes (think: core wound of separation, aka ⇾ the ultimate fear/vulnerability)…in order to create space for the new unified Self that is ready to emerge.  And to make room for new possibilities thereof.

The Pisces new moon is always a huge transition (death/birth) point that requires us to responsibly let go of the lower parts of ourselves that we are complete with, but this year offers a grand finale point to the entire AGE of Pisces for those prepared.  As we start to feel released from the intensive lunar cycle that has painstakingly prepared us for the equinox at the end of this week (3/20), we are also feeling the quickening of energies in no uncertain terms…the anxiety, uncertainty, friction, tension, and pressure of new life/new versions of ourselves readying to be born as we prepare to begin all over again, from an entirely new version and expression of Self.   This time/life ⇾ sans separation.

With the return of our original souls, we will finally have the capacity to honor ourSelves in the ways we would have had we not been disillusioned via duality. This new life cycle offers us True authorship of destiny, where we will spend the year maturing and evolving as LOVE·LIGHT, as the Tree of Life, as our True Divine Blueprint.  It is a year in which we will actively embody the androgynous divine gender principle of unity and birth a brand new alchemical Creation cycle (for all of humanity) out of our fully balanced masculine & feminine forces.  

This week is an important one toward that aim.  The new moon was our transcension (emotional release) point providing us with the means to go higher, to free ourselves from the last of our limitations…old earth timelines, narratives, mind-body programming, miasmic implants, pockets of density, etc…and to bear witness to the last of our lives as separated souls.  From now until the equinox portal officially opens we are moving thru a period of acceleration that will spin-off any remaining karmic residue to assist our labor. And of course, with such a prominent birthing theme, this will likely include lower chakra openings/clearings and the usual labor pains that accompany the delivery to a new state of being.

More than anything, the uncertainty of birth requires our ultimate surrender to divine will.  Anchoring in our ascension point (Heartmind coherence) is essential, TRUST & faith in the/our Higher Plan is key. ????

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