Quest for Light: the path to purpose

QUESTions for enLIGHTenment™ an 8-week email course that takes you thru a series of thought provoking, perspective-shifting questions designed to connect you with your higher-level purpose.  You will receive ONE question to ponder a day, every day, for the duration of the 8 weeks.

The questions in this e-course are broken down into 4 intentionally progressive categories that assist you to remember:

1) The real YOU
2) Your YOUniqueness
3) Why you are here 
4) What you came to create

Thru this transformational time, we are nurturing the awakening of divinity on Earth in preparation for our entrance into an entirely new era of existence.  That new era has begun. As a result, we are all feeling the pull into new life directions, sailing into open seas with the awareness that a brand new phase is emerging…but without an understanding of what that will amount to.  Yet.

As the terrain shifts beneath our feet, what once held a feeling of “purpose” may no longer be relevant…our goals are shifting as we embody more and more of our divinity and for some this means an entirely new Life Plan is presenting.  It is important at this time of reassessment to be courageous…to stay rooted in who we ARE and to step up to these significant life changes, not allowing them to overtake us.

It is my hope that this e-course will help you to stay aligned with your Truth while The Truth unfolds…a daily connection to your YOUnique blueprint as we navigate these unchartered waters together.  Whether you are new to the Path of Purpose, or a veteran, this is an especially important time for all of us to renew our commitment to our highest purpose…to reaffirm our devotion to our Divine Plan.

And so, as we enter this brand new Creation cycle on Earth, my desire is to help you to remember why you are here at this critical time and to get water clear about what it is you came to create.  The New Earth depends on it!  Questions for Enlightenment will probe you to delve deep beneath the surface, breaking through to the new/higher potentials needed to build your part of The Divine Plan.