Exercise 1 of 0

Your Creative Constitution

You can determine your Creative Constitution, and therefore your point of attraction, by the following factors:

1- How do you interact with the creative process?  For example are you more creative at the mental, emotional, or physical level?  To determine that, assess where your skillsets lie.  For example, are you more of a creative thinker, feeler, doer?  In most cases, your creative expression will involve all three, however, there is an area in which your unique expertise exhibits more strength over the others.

2- Identifying that strength then determines what level of the creative process your authentic aptitude lies.  So for example, if you are more of a creative feeler…this would then manifest in things like the healing arts, wellness, sound & healing therapies, emotional/spiritual counseling etc.  Whereas creative thinkers would fashion themselves as writers, teachers, poets, problem solvers, designers, facilitators & orchestrators of information and ideas.  Lastly, a creative doer would find their aptitude in mediums like art, organic or expressive arts, woodworking/sculpting, music, dance, theater, acting, etc.  Of course, every one of these may be expressed in different forms and levels but there is typically an area of expertise, what could be could be called your “legacy point”.

3- Your legacy point is synonymous with your point of attraction.  It is the most intrinsic/authentic to your soul signature which means it holds the most resonance to you, and therefore the strongest attraction.  In this legacy point, you will find a commonality, a general theme by which all your creations carry your Creative Constitution.  And so identifying your Creator Signature begins with noticing the patterning of your soul thru natural self-expression, the sameness that continues to present in all areas, all facets of your life.  These are the things about you that all others are inherently “drawn to”.

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