Solstice Gateway & Grand Conjunction…

Today is the solstice + long-awaited Jupiter-Saturn (near) conjunction and so I wanted to gather with everyone to join in the celebratory energy of this momentous event as well to share some specifics around what I have been receiving regarding this pivotal, “grand finale” moment on Earth.

To begin with, this combination of events is heralded as the official end to the slave matrix.  There have been many endings but this is our etheric cord-cutting, the endpoint to our “final judgments”, which means the false programming ends here for those transitioning over the rainbow bridge into the New Earth realms (frequencies).  This is a major timeline ending/collapse of the cabal structures….our old service contracts are over/expired, and many are ready to walk away from these endless cycles of suffering for good.

The fear and the fury of the end (of the old order) coincides with the peace and expansion of the new.  We are at a major crossroads, a bifurcation point which means it is now imperative that those of us who are aligned with the New Earth frequencies continue to move in the direction of our highest potential, to release the chains of bondage that hold us tied to the false narrative of life in 3D.  This is our moment of transcendence…our no-turning-back point, our severance from service in duality…which is what will free us to move forward into the authorship of our True destiny.

The year-long 12/21 Solar Heart Gateway reconnection…initiated at the winter solstice of 2019… also completes thru this window enabling us to flip right-side-up into our New Earth reality, leading (the planet) HEART-first into the Solar Cosmic Christess Age (of Aquarius). This marks the completion of the Heart·mind merger…esoterically speaking⇾ the Bride & Bridegroom merger into alchemical (Holy Grail) union.

This is a major transformation into freedom, the restoration of our natural birthrights as we step out of 3D, out of slavery, servitude, spellwork, and sacrificial energy.  No more sacrificing to/for the (false) gods, no more piousness, piety or empty devotion to an external GOD…we are returning to-merging with GOD now.

This means no more playing small.  It is time to release the struggle, to step completely outside of fear, lack, codependency, and all those slavery time cycles so we can move into divine alignment and Creative flow, as ONE.  We’ve already created this new reality, we just need to step into it now…to be supported by our Creator Selves to build it on Earth as it is in Heaven.

It is now time to step fully into your divine authority, to reveal your resplendent nature as GOD, which is to say that you can drop the mask & shield of protection and begin to reveal your True self to others and to the world around you.

This doesn’t have to be literal as much as it is an inner-feeling, an embodiment of readiness, of no longer concealing your Truth.

The world is ready for you.  This is the freedom that awaits you now…

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