Solstice Seeding Cycle: our ripening first-fruits

The incoming energies both cosmic & solar are currently shifting us from the dormant or static state of the feminine creatress cycle to the dynamic Creator State of the masculine creation cycle that commences at the Solstice.  As a result, many are preparing to enter the first manifest season of the new Cosmic Creation Cycle heralding the first fruits of our New Earth labors.

Life is no longer a game of cat & mouse but a game of pairs…of honoring & unifying the polarity of every motivation, every effort to ensure that your creations are fed with both the consciousness & substance of Source.

We’ve expanded so much since eclipse season, to the point that we no longer fit in the limited environment we previously created for ourselves which has been a very uncomfortable, irritating experience.  Outgrowing the chrysalis is always a very restrictive feeling of being too confined, too big for our lives…where everything that used to bring us joy becomes a dull, boring, lifeless, lackluster, passionless endeavor.  With full Lightbody activation, this sensation becomes unbearable as there is just no life force left at those levels to sustain us.

We are beyond ready for our outer world to match our new inner landscape and so this month we are steadily moving into position, preparing to begin the implementation phase of planetary ascension which initiates our freedom from the fallen realms (die·mind) and the arrival into the Higher (Diamond) Mind state under Gem·in·i Sun.  This (elevated) state of consciousness kicks off the New Human-New Earth journey as we learn to navigate the Mind of GOD with consistency and greater ease.

Diamond consciousness is the tool or mechanism of the Creator State that provides access to the quantum realms to create with here on Earth which means it is a requirement to participate in/with the New Earth frequencies.  Without Diamond Lightbody attainment we have no way of connecting to the octahedral geometries that communicate the intelligence of GOD, the Source structures that hold the blueprint of perfection for The Divine Plan.

And so this month we have extra support to awaken these Source structures within…via Diamond-Rainbow Lightbody activations…so that we can effectively participate with the Cosmic Consciousness now available to all Earth’s inhabitants.  This window includes the activation of our latent Lightbody technologies that correlate to our Cosmic Creatorship capacity which means it’s time to live out our dharmic destiny…time to step into the outer life we’ve been creating within for decades and finally be supported by the world around us.

As we enter the manifest seasons and begin to structure our lives & missions around these new cosmic constructs we effectively release ourselves from the lower laws that restrain us…those that hold us hostage to the four known dimensions of creation…thereby opening us up to the laws that pertain to the 12 dimensions of Creation intrinsic to the Original/New Human matrix.

Once released from the lower mind constructs we are no longer limited to the recreation of the recycled past as enforced by the lower/local laws of Earth, but open to the full range of frequencies needed to bring the unmanifest to the manifest world.  This full range of (Rainbow) frequencies is our gateway to the antimatter worlds that provide the pathway to bring the future into existence so that we can work with the never-before-created potentials of the New Age.

This is no longer hypothetical or conceptual but becoming realized thru the second half of this universal 8-year (of the Christ/Christess).  Scrimmage games are over…we are being called off the bench with actionable steps to jump into a whole new Game of Life⇾ one by which we are the programmers.

As we do, as we leap into the unknown with both feet, we are met with the Force of Creation firsthand to begin molding our reality as WE see fit…not as we inherited from the long lineage of predecessors past.  And so this is a pivotal month to begin redirecting the course of your life onto your True trajectory, one replete with multiple Lightbody activations & DNA upgrades.

This is the first opening to the manifest level of Creation with our full (12th-dimensional) Self intact.  Be sure to utilize this moment to pick the ripening fruits from your early harvest as we continue sowing the first-ever karmic-free crops in our collective cultivation of The Garden. 🌳

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