Thanks for your CAL purchase!

First let me say that I am absolutely thrilled that you will be a part of the Create As LOVE™ wave, and while I assume that all will work out swimmingly with regard to your purchase and the corresponding technological details, let’s not take any extra risks.

Just to be safe…I HIGHLY recommend that you add to your address book to avoid any overly-aggressive SPAM filters who assume my intentions are less than pure. (Yes, AOL and Yahoo…I’m talking to you)

As you’re reading this you “should” receive two emails from me: 1) payment confirmation and 2) either an opt-in email OR a welcome email.

Here’s the deal: if you are not currently active in my shopping cart system software for course content delivery you will be sent an email to confirm your choice to opt-in to the e-course subscription, which is essentially a mailing list.

Without your consent you will not be able to receive the weekly lessons so be sure to click the link offered to confirm.

Alternatively, if you are already active in the system…ie, if you have purchased e-courses from me in the past…you should automatically receive your welcome email shortly following your payment confirmation email.

Lastly, know that if you have any issues during enrollment, or during the course of the 12 weeks, you can email at any time* and we will do our best to help resolve any delivery issues you may be experiencing.

*NOTE: all tech support and customer service inquiries are responded to within 48 hours.

Thanks again for joining us and I look forward to sharing the next several weeks with you!