The Ascending Heart: our return to grace

We are midway thru the (universal 9) month of April which has been pushing us, with the support of the 4:4 stargates, to empty the chalice of the heart in preparation for the fulfillment of grace (Shekinah) ⇾ the descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) needed to animate our original Tree of Life architecture (authentic DNA).

Beginning with the equinox, those on this current ascension trajectory have been called to task, to rip out the core wound/inception point of ages (and lineages) of heartbreak wounds…loss, betrayal, abandonment, etc.  Energized via Aries Sun by our (GOD) spark of life, we are being forced asked to eradicate that insidious seed of separation within us that is planted in the hearts of all humans upon incarnation.  This karmic seed removal is required to rebirth ourSelves through THE wound (of separation) in order to activate our original Soul Seed and our Divine DNA blueprint.

Subsequently, April has been demanding the elimination of all that which is not part of our authentic Soul Self in order to create space for the refilling energies of the (ONE) month of May where we can begin again, in earnest.  This (universal 9) month of endings marks the successful completion of the codependency clearing cycle that commenced at the December 2020 solstice + great conjunction…what amounted to the removal of the core (heart) block to Self LOVE in the Divine Masculine side of Self, and the unhooking and return of original life force (emotional power) to the Divine Feminine side of Self.

All codependency cords have been severed & cauterized and those collapsed timelines are being finalized, played out to their completion thru the end of April.  In the process, we are becoming fully conscious of all the karmic entanglements and self-perpetuated patterns in our lifestream which means we are able to fully withdraw our energy from each of these dynamics in order to rewrite our reality in accordance with our True Destiny.  As we disentangle from all separation sublevel programs, the life force of the ascending collective can return to its rightful owners for recovery & replenishment…and right in time for Taurus season.

As uncomfortable as it may have been, Aries Sun blazed a brand new (original) trail for us to step onto and we are slowly building up the strength & confidence to step onto it…to author this brand new life cycle, fully independent in our completeness. Aries has been relentless in initiating these changes, in demanding the return to our authentic Self, but now we are irrevocably changed.  There is just no going back to who we were and the (incomplete) life we lived in duality.

Moving into Taurus season, we will find our new feet as we learn to stabilize and trust our new foundation (as LOVE) that we anchored this time last year.  We are at the one-year completion point of the life-changing (April 2020) 4:4:4 triple heart gateways in which we spent the last 12 months (thru a universal 4 year) preparing and securing that foundation, weeding & amending the soil to plant our Soul Seed in our purified Heartspace to grow and inhabit our Divine DNA/Tree of Life Template.

Now that we have attained the seed point of our original Soul & authentic genetics, it is time to establish our original root structure in our Hearts which means everything that is not an intrinsic part of that structure has now been identified and removed.  With Venus in Taurus (until 5/8) we have a special window of support to heal & recover from that intense process…a welcome reprieve after a necessary period of dismantling, destruction, and even turmoil.  Root chakra & emotional healings will assist us to restore our power & authority to now actualize our creative (GOD) spark and ground it into reality so that it is ready to be implemented in the physical. ????????????

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