The Christed Current: golden elixir of life

The first 5:5:5 stargate really kicked things off this month, grounding the liberation/breakthrough energy to where the universal 5 frequency of 2021 can really be felt.  The last universal five year was 2012, another major turning point for our personal and planetary ascension. Since then, we have been releasing elements of the (ancient) past pertaining specifically to the ensoulment aspects of ascension…clearing the way for our embodiment, making room for the birth of our Original Souls.

As we released ourselves from (false) spiritual constraints & misinformation, we simultaneously opened portals & potentials to ground real spiritual Truths into the earth realms.  Now we stand in readiness to witness the results of decades of hard work as the triple 5 numeric provides the combination code to unlock the Original Destiny for Earth & humanity.  In every sense of the word, this (universal ONE) month of May sets the stage for the entire year, initiating important changes for radical transformations to come via the eclipse season, which officially opened on the 5/11 Taurus new moon.

Of which, we have a total lunar eclipse (in Sagittarius) on May 26 and an annular solar eclipse (in Gemini) on June 10.  For those on the advanced mastery path, these incoming eclipse energies, coupled with this month’s stargates, are delivering us from the deep karmic underlay at the physical level of life…freeing us from the underpinnings of our separated past and permanently liberating us from the lower reality (duality).

The deliverance energy of the 5:5:5 stargates (5/5, 5/14 & 5/23)…the last of which just happens to be the Pentecost ????…will continue to build all month long and resolve with the super (blood) moon lunar eclipse on 5/26 which is presenting as our physical delivery ⇾ the resolution & release point from our karmic journey made manifest.

This is when our unified/higher Self has the opportunity to achieve full victory over the lower (separated) self and eclipse our karmic past for good.  For many, the efforts and requirements to complete our causal contracts are already resolving but we will continue to neutralize those triggers until the lunar eclipse.

When we can be fully present (as LOVE) to life…no matter what we are faced with or going thru…we neutralize the charge of age-old knee-jerk responses that keep us tied to the karmic wheel, thereby dissolving miasma and releasing our attachments to the causal level of life for good.

This is the ultimate liberation & transformation we are moving thru this month…not just surviving our challenges, but thriving thru them, willingly rising to meet them…perhaps even with a sense of anticipation.  This about engaging our emerging authority, growing our newfound fearlessness born of our True nature…our budding Tree of Life…that permits us to let go of the control structures and instinctual habits that keep us from trusting in the organic flow of life.

It can be difficult to trust in life again to carry our newborn Souls, but as we restore ourselves back to our Original Templates we are stepping on the pathway Home to Life itself…which will be much more fruitful this time around.  In the meantime, if it feels like we are outgrowing our own bodies…ready to bust out of our old molds and fly to new lands…it’s because we are. ????????

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