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Copy of Step 6: The Diamond Grid

Building Your Grid

The sixth step is about building your “grid between the stars” as mentioned in the Lesson Intro.  Once your 7 Diamond Stargates are all emanating a swirling rainbow of colors, you are ready to build this Diamond Light Grid around you.

NOTE: 📝 Depending on where you are in your Diamond Lightbody development, it may take multiple meditation and/or visualization attempts to see (or sense) the rainbow spectrum of colors refracted by all 7 of your Diamond Stargates…especially in the lower 3 (denser) chakras.  The advice here is to keep working at step 5 until you can clearly visualize (or sense) these rainbow frequencies before moving on to building your Diamond Grid (step 6).

👁️ Visualization:

The center of your Diamond Light Grid should align with your Womb of Life chakra/gateway (Hara point) which is located between the solar plexus & the sacral center of the 3D human chakra system.

Imagine (or intend for) pure Diamond Light streaming down from your Soul Star on all 4 sides (front, back, left & right) to form a transparent, three-dimensional Diamond (octahedron) Grid of Light that completely encapsulates your physical body, the center of which should align with your Womb Chakra/Hara Center.  Now anchor that Light into your Earth Star to close the circuit of energy, sealing you in your Diamond Grid of Light.

NOTE: 📝 Your Diamond Grid should be roughly 5 feet in diameter at its widest part which is about the width of your arms outstretched.  All four sides…front & back, left & right…should meet the edges of your expanded pranic tube.

Tip! 💡 For this step, the recommendation (safety guideline) is to stay contained within the golden light in your pranic tube until your Diamond Light Grid is built & sealed solidly around your body.

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