Transmigration of Soul: reinventing the game of life

Happy Lunar New Year! With the incoming (wood) dragon energy of confidence, expansion & life force, get ready for a fast-moving year of constant, quick & decisive action.  Both wood and dragon have a yang (solar/masculine/active) constitution however dragons notably embody a balanced masculine & feminine (divine) gender which is key for 2024.  As guardians of the grids, they are notoriously protective over Earth (the feminine) as well as immensely powerful & deeply wise.

Dragon energy is that of alchemy and is here to reunite those of unified Love·Light with the magic & mystery of Creation after being stationed in hell for our 3-year tour of duty (2020-2023) to dismantle the underworld structures.  Coupled with the element of wood that is associated with the energy of spring, renewal, rebirth…and is also responsible for the flow of chi within the body…we are headed for a year in which physical transformation and manifestation will become a natural extension of this dynamic force.

As your body is aligned with your Soul and your Soul is aligned with your Spirit, all matters of manifestation become inevitable. Effortless even.

With so many planets currently in Aquarius…Sun, Pluto, Mercury, and Mars & Venus soon to follow….we kick things off this (lunar) month with the unrivaled potential to awaken to and activate new parts of ourselves that have been dormant for lifetimes.  This is the (Harvest) energy of the all-new-everything that has already significantly hastened the pace and the pressure to come into our own amongst so much instability & uncertainty requiring that we remain in our power to navigate the unsettledness with a modicum of mastery.

This current of energy can span the gamut from exhilarating to impossibly difficult and everything in between…but we have to be here for all of it.  We are so used to being the caterpillar and managing life on the ground, but now we’re the butterfly thrust into flight and having to explore the world from a whole new vantage point…one that demands we view ourselves differently, that we adapt & adjust to this new version of self as we embody a whole new way of being & living as LOVE.

We are also fast approaching a new cycle of creation (via the astrological new year) that demands our release from anything that is causing friction in our lives, especially any expired thought forms that are slowing down our superconductivity, creating resistance to our highest path & potential to realize our dharmic destiny.  This moment is asking us to let go of those remaining crutches that we didn’t even realize we were holding so tightly to and to TRUST in ourselves as we awkwardly step outside of our comfort zones and into these new aspects of self needed to become the primary commanders of our reality.

There are growing pains, yes…but relocating to an entirely new creation system requires that we restructure & upgrade every level of our being and all the contents of our lives to align with the higher vibrating reality…so much so that nothing of the old world can enter.  I am being shown that we have until the equinox to complete this mega-rerouting process from the old to the new…to release anything that is lingering in our lives that contains even a shred of old earth energy.

Because the new reality functions very differently than the old, anything that still holds the signature of separation will be brought to light to deal with…and rather immediately.  You may feel the pressure of time to make these critical changes because time has, in fact, run out for this (lower) level of creation.

The inaugural Cosmic Creation Cycle before us is demanding a lot but it is one of incredible flow as the True Source of our power is being reconnected and turned on. From the Andromedan perspective, this warrants a definite celebration for we are beginning to experience life without the brakes on…a literal life of non-resistance which is at once thrilling & terrifying.

It is certainly something we have to be well prepared for and capable of handling, but for those who are, what awaits us in this New Earth timeline is everything we expect it to be and yet more than we imagined.  There is so little time left to play small…use it to prepare your mind to think BIG.

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