Universal LOVE Breath

Universal LOVE Breath is a fast, simple, reliable, high-speed connection to Universal Life Force (LOVE) energy.

“Thank you for all you continue to do for everyone….was just looking at  your LOVE breath with a good friend of mine, and it is brilliant! ” –Lesley Cameron

ULB was initially created as a quantum (read: the smallest effort for the greatest return) clearing technique, but it is SO much more than that because it utilizes our innate (higher-human) power to access and command adamantine particle intelligence which, when harnessed properly (and under the direction of LOVE), grants us access to the zero-point energy of the universe.

When we reclaim the sacred knowledge of how to work with adamantine intelligence, we are able to guide and direct our personal life force more intentionally…and with much greater influence…to consciously transform our body & lives.

“Thanks so much for the Love Breath technique – it’s so much more than just a clearing and balancing tool… I suspect that pretty glitter gel to be the key to creating our new world. Oh what fun we are soon to have. It is so much fun to play with new toys like adamantine particles… What would happen if every adamantine particle here now was directed to ‘Be LOVE’?”  -Jane

It’s a perfect stand alone exercise but can also be combined with other tools to create a powerful blend of revitalization, relaxation, purification, reconnection, auric cleansing, etc.  It also serves as an emotional and physical block-buster and can be used to alter your physical environment, harmonize relationships, and open the flow of creative life force.

Universal LOVE Breath is a direct portal to access and tangibly experience the limitless power of LOVE.

But what I love most about this technique is that it doesn’t involve too many steps or too much methodology…instead, it empowers us with a quick, “on-the-go” process that we can use nearly whenever, wherever we choose.

As we raise our personal vibration and embody more life force, the complexity in clearing work is not always needed or necessary to yield results.  Sometimes we just need a direct route to feel good energy.

This is that route.

“LOVE IT! Thank You and The Pleiadian Sisters for Sharing this!  I’ve been doing something similar, you expanded it and gave it definition and meaning which was new and Helpful!  Loved Breathing IT into my bodies, that was really awesome to do. I’ve always worked with my individual bodies, (Mental Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, and then etheric, celestial, ketheric) by decreeing to clear them, so I really liked breathing into them with LOVE!  How ingenious!!! I am very much vibrating right now, smoothly and clearly, as I just completed both 5 and 10 breaths. Thank You Lauren!”   -Deborah

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“I’m going through your Universal LOVE Breath report these days, and I have to tell you: I myself now discovered a technique, a very simple technique, that is involving “love of my heart” and breathing, and it’s amazingly working. So when I saw your report, it called me, but I was hesitant – what if what you write, is what I discovered? But I thought, okay, if I feel I didn’t see something new in it, I will just ask for a refund. But when I started to read it, the Note to the User!!!!! I immediately felt, “I will never give it back.” 🙂 I felt this again, this harmony, this fulfillment, that I feel with CellSpeak and other your sharings, and … it was just mine. So thank you very much for it, too, and it’s indeed, so so good that you brought it to us before this day tomorrow, in the anticipation and preparation for this day.  Thank you so much! I love you. :)”  -Olga, F.  Israel

“Thanks for the LOVE Breath…it was such a confirmation for me on what I have been doing for the past month or so. I think it started after the 10-10 when I started seeing a pale granny apple green glow in my room at night. At first I thought it was just the glow off the stars I have on the wall that light up like the night sky when the lights are off. But then I had the feeling that it was something more because whenever it appeared in my room at night I felt so surrounded by love and so peaceful that I sleep deeply on those nights.  The misty granny apple green cloud with gold glitter in it would surround me like a cocoon and I would easily fall asleep and feel light and happy when I awoke in the morning.

I never realized it was the Adamantine particles just thought it was my Angels helping me sleep. I took that light through all of my Chakras and felt an amazing clearness and lightness of being. It was so quick and wonderful to have that feeling again. I asked for the granny apple green cocoon of love around me and it was more of a feeling of bliss that I haven’t experienced since I started this journey years ago. So for the past few months I have just been asking my Angels to surround me with a cocoon of the pale granny apple green sparkles before I got to sleep.  It’s amazing how good they make you feel. Now with Love breath I realized they are “portable” and I don’t have to wait to get home and go to sleep to have them. Wow that was an awesome realization.”  – Michel Patzer, CA