Welcome to The New Earth Institute! 🔮

I am delighted to have you as part of the NEI family. Crystal Level membership grants you access to The New Earth Reports and now also includes general access to the community so central to the New Earth Insitute.

To help you get started, I recommend you fill out your personal profile, upload your profile pic, and get familiar with how things are set up in the network. (To access your personal profile click the drop-down menu under your name at the top right-hand corner of your screen.)

Then be sure to visit the NEI Meet & Greet group to meet other members, say hello, and introduce yourself!

After which you can check out the NEI Sitewide Activity Feed to get a glimpse of what’s happening within the community.  Here (or on your profile page) is where you can post updates, make friend connections, like and reply to other people’s activities, or just get a feel for topic discussions and general community participation.  From there you can join community-created groups, or participate in one of the many forums.

See you inside!



p.s. For membership and/or billing support email admin@newearthinstitute.love