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  • Nan

    December 13, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    Your reply was perfect Katinka! And so incredible and verifying to hear ????????because I experience and understand trees, horses, Nature etc. as you do ( well except I don’t find horses boring ????. They will play with you but you have to encourage them a bit in a horsey way ????)

    I will only add another obvious yet maybe not obvious observation. Just as we have ‘physical bodies’ all energetic beings in Lady Gaia’s/Mother Earth’s community have ‘physical bodies’ ( to varied extents. ) That’s part of the purpose for Lady Gaia’s having been created by Supreme Creator. Her mantle that we call Mother Earth is of course a sacred playground or as I’ve often heard it expressed, a place where spirits can have a physical experience.

    So in 3D when a tree physically dies, it’s ‘spirit’ returns to its collective and the other nature spirits that lived in it move to other trees or rejoin their respective collectives. It may be that as everything evolves, trees may no longer die. A whole other ‘cycle’ of life may be in store for them and all of us, just as you described with us and animals.

    On another sort of related note to this discussion I’ve been having a hard time the last ten days or so, and when I viewed Susanne Amara’s incredible light code work as suggested by Amy in our community, and watched Susanne paint the light codes in real time digitally because she’s so in the flow now, I felt all the work I’d done in the past was redundant and so 3D. Then I felt lost. What was I going to do now?

    This morning when I woke up though, I closed my eyes again to connect to my heart/central sun and immediately Lady Gaia came in clear as day and showed me her incredible world ‘within’ this physical world.

    She started off having a human-like body so I’d see her (she was so lovely), then after she’d showed me the beauty of her world, she began to shimmer and twirl and change into a mother of pearl light that moved as a twisting torroidal field. It radiated light beyond the sphere of Mother Earth, out into our universe and then off into The Cosmos.

    Then I felt her connect with Naranantha, the creator/mother of the unicorn collective (of which I’m an aspect,) and I knew they/we are ‘sisters’.

    I understood then I just needed to take heart, and learn from folks like Susanne Amara how to surrender and be fully in the artistic flow. I can take the art skills I already have and integrate them with new digital ones, to express the 5th dimensional beauty of the new energies coming in (that I’ve been seeing for quite some time.)

    As I do this and start to share what I create online, the appropriate ways to receive financial support/reciprocity for my offerings will become apparent.

    I understood Lady Gaia trusts me to do this, just as she trusts every creative/artistic person. Getting that lady Gaia trusts me is HUGE. I feel so much more encouraged again.

    Well that’s it for now. There’s lots more to say about other energetic collectives ‘within’ Mother Earth, but that’ll be for another time.