Who Am I?

Lauren Carolyn Gorgo.  Born on the 4th of July. Adopted my own declaration of independence thru the sheer determination to pave my own path.

A prototypical overzealous & strong-willed indigo who doesn’t quite understand labels, etiquette, impossibility or aging. Saddened by human unconsciousness, inspired by human kindness, overwhelmed with both the beauty & tragedy of our world, and committed to pioneering change.

I love BAKING building, hosting & fostering online comm·unity, facilitating awakenings, and helping others to remember & reclaim their authentic nature thru the process of ascension & embodiment.   I love mayo on my fries and peonies in my garden.  I go gonzo for bluegrass and will do nearly anything to make a cat like me.  I like to set my own hours, say no when I need to, yes when I want to and work all day in my pajamas. 

Photo credit goes to Jen Brister of Story & Gold Photography for Creative Businesses

Since 2007-ish…via the birth of “Think With Your Heart”…I have (loosely) defined myself as an intuitive, healer, coach, interdimensional telepath, cosmic correspondent, writer, community & content creator.

From 2012 onward I have been actively holding the Cosmic Mother (Grail) codes to awaken, activate & rebuild the Original-Divine Human Template on this planet together with my Star Team, the Christess Collective, and with the assistance of many ascended masters & star guides along the way.

As a Grail Guardian & Keeper of the Immortal Flame, my work over this and many lifetimes has been to protect and serve the Holy Grail…i.e. the sacred Womb teachings (high art & sacred-science of alchemy)…thru the Ancient Orders of the Rose.  It is now time to bring these hidden teachings above ground, to consciously allow this (once heavily guarded) esoteric knowledge & wisdom forth. And so, as an initiate and disciple of both the Magdalene/Rose Orders, ordained in the ancient Rite of the Holy Sepulcher, my mission is to directly & indirectly support my fellow Love·workers to walk thru the death of the lower (ego) identity in order to birth our Original Destiny for the fulfillment of The Divine Plan on Earth.

Why Am I?

My personal awakening was initiated during the infamous August eclipse of 1999…the opening of the Galactic Underworld according to the Mayan Calendar…which amounted to an intense spontaneous kundalini awakening that led to two decades ++ of soul reclamation thru shadow integration.

That intense activation was the onset of my initiation into discipleship…what led to 22 incredibly challenging, but deeply liberating years of defragmentation, of LOVEing myself back together again.

In 2005 I reunited with my galactic-level Self which facilitated a quickening thru the pre-incarnation memory of a guiding role in this life for the planetary ascension. This site and all my (inner & outer) work following that year is the result of that meeting.  

In 2017 I reunited with my cosmic-level Self and from that moment onward I have been deepening in my understanding of said role while simultaneously undergoing a complete & radical transformation into the real me…the bigger me…the me that I always and never knew I was.

My Manifesto?  BE the Force ✌🏼