Community Codes of Conduct

Please note that all participating members of NEI are subject to the following codes of conduct:

No solicitation or promotion of products & services, direct or implied.  Please be mindful that NEI is a place of community connection and soulful sharing…not selling, teaching, coaching, marketing, advertising, or promoting.

No sharing of copyrighted material.  Honor intellectual property by only posting content that you have personally created, or have permission to use and have properly attributed to the content creator.

Maintain the privacy of the network.  NEI is a private membership site for exactly that reason…to provide a safe space for members of the ascending community to openly share & discuss their experiences.  External sharing of the internal workings of NEI is strictly prohibited.

✧ The social learning aspect of  NEI ensures that we are all students and teachers. Each of us has something to gain and contribute to the expansion & well-being of another.  Neutrality, mutual respect, and an open heart & mind are essential.  Divisiveness, disrespect, denigration and/or defamation will not be tolerated.

✧ NEI is a space for sharing in the unified experience of New Earth and is therefore NOT a place for polarizing topics so pervasive in the dualistic (3D) old earth experience.  These topics include but are not limited to religious, political, or socioeconomic issues and/or beliefs. 

Alchemy first.  We are a diverse, global community in service to/with/for & as LOVE which means the focus & trajectory of NEI remains on the unifying Force of Creation at all times.  Our job as New Earth stewards, therefore, is to unify dual forces by first accepting them, which then reveals the commonality among our differences⇾ as if by magic. 🪄 ✨ This sacred act of combining energies that are seemingly in opposition to each other is the ongoing alchemy required to stay anchored in the New Earth frequencies and is therefore the harmonic by which The New Earth Institute is calibrated.

◉▶︎ Note that any violation of the aforementioned Community Codes of Conduct will be considered grounds for immediate termination. ◀︎◉

Thank you in advance for helping us to maintain the integrity of NEI for all!  🤍