Diamond Lightbody Matrix

Activate your Multidimensional Potential

Diamond Lightbody Matrix is a foundational course for the self-initiated that provides activating key codes along with the information, instructions & steps needed to build, strengthen & work with your multidimensional potential.  

Whether you’re new to the ascension path or entering into your ascended mastership, this program will assist you to safely expedite, but most importantly stabilize your journey into multidimensionality…which is the primary reason for establishing your Diamond Grid and why this technology has been made available at this time on Earth.

This stabilization is about holding & maintaining a balanced core of pure Diamond energy that is brought about by strengthening the Diamond Light Matrix in your energy field which is a requirement to both handle the increasing frequencies on Earth and to connect with the New Earth Grid.

♢ Unify Your Chakras
♢ Restore Your Hara Line​
♢ Activate your Diamond Solar Heart
♢ Build Your Diamond Stargate
♢ Create & Set Grids to Work For You
♢ Run Vehicle Tuneups & Maintenance
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Your Diamond Matrix (or Merkaba) is an actual Light technology that can also be used as means to harness more of your YOUniversal power as you step into the higher octaves of pure Love·Light. This technology already lives within you.  It is your divine birthright which means this course is not about learning something new, but about remembering & enacting your spiritual power as superconductor of Source. ⚡️

Benefits of Working with your Diamond Light Matrix

For a list of essential benefits see the complimentary Sample Lesson

Course Details: This is a written online course that guides you with multiple visuals thru each of the steps required to build, activate, repair, and/or strengthen your Diamond Light Matrix.  A guided meditation video +  mp3 audio are included.  It is open enrollment…meaning you can start at any time…and it is self-paced, so you can move thru the lessons & topics at your leisure. Due to the many visual aids, this course is not offered in a downloadable or printable format. You will have access to the content for the life of the course.

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