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Essential Benefits

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As mentioned in the last section, there are many reasons to activate & work your Diamond Light Grid technologymost of which you will discover as you tailor it to your own needs and/or by the guidance of your own Higher Self.

That said, one of the first things you will notice when working with the intelligence of your Diamond Lightbody Matrix is that it helps you to secure the necessary boundaries needed to seal your field, rendering you impervious to denser/discordant energies with practice.  By its very nature, your Diamond Grid offers an impenetrable structure…a “Source field” of protection...needed to safeguard your evolutionary experience thru the vulnerable stages of Lightbody expansion.  

In this way, the DLG technique can be effectively used to create an energetic chrysalis of sorts, a safe haven needed while undergoing the intensive metamorphic process and/or while interfacing with the world at large. 

Here are some other essential benefits of the Diamond Lightbody Grid:

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