Membership FAQ

How do I cancel my membership?

Email, subject line: Cancel Membership and your membership and billing subscription will be terminated within 72 hours of the request.  You will receive an email notification with cancellation details when your membership has been terminated.

NOTE: if you use Paypal for your recurring membership payment you have the option to cancel your payments on your own, however, Paypal is an independent third-party payment processor that is not associated with, therefore NEI is not responsible for your Paypal payment processing or management thereof.

How do I change my membership level?

If you are an existing member, you must EMAIL SUPPORT to upgrade, downgrade or in any way CHANGE to a different membership level.

NOTE: If you purchase another membership of your own accord, without contacting us, you will be charged for more than one recurring membership fee. Please note that NEI will not be responsible for the accrual of multiple or unknown membership fees.

What is your refund policy?

14-day unconditional guarantee on products EXCLUDING MEMBERSHIP.

What rights do I have over my personal data?

You can contact us at any time to request the removal of your personal data.  To learn more about what we do with your information and your rights to erasure see our Privacy Policy.

How do I update my credit card information?

If you pay for your membership using your credit card, please email admin at and we will send you the appropriate secure form to update your information. If you pay for your membership using PayPal, you can change your card information inside PayPal, and it will be all set for NEI.

How often are the reports offered?

Monthly.  Typically this amounts to one (10-15 page) report per month.

Are the New Earth reports still offered individually for sale?

Yes! Downloadable reports are now available and can be found under Offerings > New Earth Report > PDF Reports

Would it be possible to show us the kind of information the paid membership involves?

You can 1) join the free NEI Social Level, 2) subscribe to the NEI mailing list to stay informed and receive updates and sneak peeks on-site happenings, 3) check out the options & pricing page where membership options are explained in detail.

I am a paid member, why can’t I access all the content on the site?

You have to be logged in to view the paid content. Use the username and password you created when you registered and LOGIN to NEI.  To determine if you are logged in you can always check the top right corner of the page where you will see your username if logged in.

My username and password were invalid even though I am already on the mailing list…does that make me a current member? I don’t want to sign up as a new member and receive the emails twice.

Email mailing list subscription and membership are two separate things. In other words, being on the mailing list does not give you access to the private site. For access to the site see membership options & pricing.

How do I edit my profile*?

Log in to your account then click “Membership Details” under the Login widget or at the top right-hand corner of the screen, highlight your username and click on “Edit My Profile”.

How can I edit my email notification options? 

There are two places on NEI where you can edit your notifications. The first place is in the Forums. If you’re active in a forum, but do not want to receive email notifications when other members reply, make sure you are unsubscribed to the post. At the top, under the title of the post, on the right, you’ll see either the word “subscribe” or “unsubscribe”. If you do not want to be subscribed to the comments, make sure that word reads “subscribe.” That means it’s unchecked and you will not receive notifications about that particular forum.

The other way to manage your email notifications is through your personal profile. To do this, hover over your name in the very top right of NEI. A drop-down menu will show. Scroll down to settings and then to email. Click email. This will allow you to decide when you receive notifications. It is used site-wide for your account. After you’ve made your choices remember to hit the save changes button at the bottom!

As always, make sure you’re logged into your NEI account when making changes!

Unanswered questions?  email