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  • Nabila

    January 23, 2021 at 11:41 pm

    Yes @lauren like @micafilms said perfect summation.

    I see ‘ saviourship (?)” as part of the enslavement programme because it has victim energetics in its frequency and does not honour free will which is where are power source lies.

    I’ve always sensed we ‘ help’ each other by being an example , a light house rather than needing to get involved /entangled.

    Having had a rescuer’ overlay this perspective has gotten me into trouble and made me feel harsh or uncaring ( projection from others/a necessary mirror to see my own entanglement) in the past but that perspective feels so ‘ off’ now.

    I do have to still check myself as to where my overlay still operates unconsciously at times but my body brings me back to my senses very quickly now if I fall off the tightrope of bridge to sovereignty and a self sourced existence which I passionately feel is our collective divine right. X