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  • Ariel44

    February 2, 2021 at 12:26 am

    Snap! Can relate to what everyone saying, regarding martyr mother, tyrant father….and big energy…and playing the good capable girl, except when would go live overseas, got to try different ways of being….and then, was invited to Auckland to wake up crystal self, which ended up living there for 10years. I returned to Sydney feeling so detached from family, walking through some interesting experiences whilst staying with them for 9months at which point I got given my freedom, getting kicked out by my dad…so for last 4years or so have been living in the city where I grew up, with no ties or obligations to family. I have seen the depths of the ties to them, and beyond, I think, for they are simply the present life version of old threads, needed to unravel to reveal myself.

    and regarding strength Dawn, I love something a woman very much embodied I feel said, Marion Woodman, a strong ego is flexible, it is the container that is able to surrender to something bigger than itself. A fragile one is rigid…thank you. It’s been good to share this, feeling what has changed in me since last I did.????