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  • Lauren

    March 1, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    It means that we hold the (Holy Grail) template, the “map of light” that directs the body toward its own immortal state via the ascension process. LOVE workers…those of the Magdalene (rose) orders…hold what are called (by my team) the “grail codes” for the regeneration of the flesh-body and earth’s body. ????????????

    This is why we are called the Guardians of the Grail because we carry these codons in our DNA matrix, which is also why our monadic lineages have been targeted and blocked from actualizing/awakening our Womb of Life. Hence the reason for all the turmoil and distortion that lives so deeply in our sacral/womb center. All Magdalenes have a role in some capacity clear the womb/ascend the sacral center. It’s why we are here…to reopen these sacred pathways in the body for all of humanity.

    p.s. this is what I am referring to on my about page ⇾ “As a Keeper of the Immortal Flame, my work over this and many lifetimes has been to protect and keep the Holy Grail codes…the high-sacred art & science of alchemy…alive thru my monadic Magdalene lineage. As it is now time to bring these teachings above ground, to consciously allow this once safeguarded, esoteric intelligence & wisdom forth, I stand before you now as an initiate and disciple of both the Rosicrucian & Magdalene Orders, ordained in the ancient Rite of the Holy Sepulcher, and more recently into the Office of the Christ.”