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  • Ela

    May 12, 2021 at 4:02 pm

    How validating! I moved in November to an incredibly feminine area. My monthly cycles stopped. Now it’s been 6 months. Logically stress from a move, new job, new highly feminine place…. Initially that made sense. Then as the months ticked by, I began to think menapause? I’m in that supposed age group. But Im crystal clear NO. Around my bday in march began a crown being placed on my womb/ uterus. Becoming acutely aware that my womb is akin to the more masculine crown chakra. The seat of my power lies in my womb/ uterus. Im very aware of something major transpiring in my womb/ uterus. Even as I’m writing this, I feel my uterus cramping. I know deeply that menapause and aging, decay of the human form does not exist. I work as hospice nurse. For 13 years at this coming solstice. Lol. I see the decay and dying and aging and disease process all the time. Ughhh their is no truth in this reality to me. And their is no truth in menapause. I’m aware that my cycles will lock back in. Very in synch with the moon. Before kids a long time ago, I always cycled with full moon. My cycle resuming or maybe truly just beginning is about here. I will bleed. Bleed heavy likely and then… I can’t even begin to explain what comes next. Thank you for the validation.