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  • kimberly millen brown

    July 17, 2021 at 8:03 pm

    Mélanie … ???????? I cannot help but weep asI read your engaging, multi-faceted and tenderly beautiful personal story along with Simone’s comment on your sharing the town of Purgatoire, the flooding and Purgatory by definition.

    So much is beginning to be revealed. No wonder our Heavenly Hosts want to expose and allow time for us to navigate these reveals, these “puzzle parts” … as they are so intense to the heart and soul as we begin with new eyes and hearts these false stories/programs/ illusions we are uncovering.

    My heart is so happy to hear of the healing movement between you and your father … and that he would come through “hell and high water” as we Americans might say, in order to bring you safely home.

    As we learn more about the role epigenetics plays in our core traumas and woundings, the more we find ourselves implementing forgiveness, grace and understanding to not only ourselves, but to those who have walked the roads before and next to us.

    Blessings, sister, on your journey. I am glad you arrived safely after your trip. I wish you gentleness and love on your path with your significant other. ????