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  • Shiawase

    August 29, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    I agree with what Simon sees. All ecosystem depends on fungi’s ability to decompose ( undoing) organic matters. The result of their activities is the return of carbon, hydrogen, etc ( original blue print? ) back into ecosystem in forms useable to plants, insects, and other organisms.
    “Nature reflects our divine nature”. Such an important role the fungi plays! The “circuit/ network” is designed to weave between and through the cells of plants.
    (Well this is what I am finding/ feeling/ learning about mushroom, for I am being inspired to create superfood with mushroom btw😊 it’s a wonderful healer, imo )
    I can relate to what is surfacing to you, the masculine side that is reflecting in your dream…The dog (god) is digging the ground for you to see . You (in divine capability) as mushroom is observing.
    I see it. And your dream reflected my experience…healing the core heart wound of masculine, from my dad, has been happening to me 🦋