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  • Lauren

    September 9, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    Thanks Nabila! I’ve (finally) watched the video today. In the last few weeks I saw the fungi theme pop up in several places and so I wanted to have a closer look.

    What he says here: “human cells are not at the center of human health. Instead, the microbiome, functioning as the life-giving soil within our gut and internal organs, is at the core. The microbiome guides human health” – very interesting! Gives me a better idea about how our bodies are changing with and as nature, as One.

    I’ve been wondering if our current emergence into a new life on the NE timeline is at a stage that is relevant or linked to the role of fungi in the development of new life on the planet. Especially because @lauren gave us this beautiful reminder from the November 2020 report:

    As we align our Hearts & Wombs with the Heart & Womb of GOD via the Heart & Womb of Earth, we will feel a genuine atONEment with the planet as well as a deeper, more intimate understanding of Gaia’s ascension process and her Sacred Earth teachings as she opens to us, revealing her embodied wisdom & earth magic to those of pure Heartmind.

    I so LOVE the idea of being guided by nature and Gaia’s Sacred Earth teachings for this next phase of BUILDing New Earth, I even thought about creating a forum discussion to allow for more earth magic and wisdom to birth forth through us.

    Anyway, here are some excerpts from the video (Zach Bush – The Virome) that I found fascinating in this context:

    1.5 Billion years ago we start to see the emergence of the fungi. And these are the first multicellular organisms that are emerging from life. And then the fungi start to develop this extraordinary capacity for relationship co-creation. And they could build complex giant structures by coordinating single cell behaviours with neighbours. Now they’re not just passing information, they’re starting to have this hyper intelligence, this kind of community level capacity for creative formation. And they would create things like the mycelium – the incredible network of root system for the fungi that can cover many square miles. They developed the microscopic structure of the hyphae and cyto hyphae where you see differentiation happening at different parts of the structure and that differentiation is starting to point to that first multicellular organism capacity where you have cells that sub-specialize within a species to do some specific tasks within it.

    It’s a really cool concept that the fungi outsourced its energy system to all of nature. The fungi and their capacity to create energy around them may be the most resilient and powerful structure on the planet today.

    Another fungi structure that I want to mention is the mycorrhizae because it is pointing to that co-creation Universe that started to emerge with the origin of the fungi. The mycorrhizae are this extremely complex system of structures within the soil that occur between the mycelium (the soil network or the root system of the fungi) and a plant. For a multicellular plant to grow in soil we find that it can’t actually do its original nutrient absorption without the presence of the Mycorrhizae.
    The bizarre thing about that is that neither the fungi or the plant have any genetic code or understanding on how to make this mycorrhizae in and of themselves. It’s not until you see these two species together – the fungi root system (mycelium) and a multicellular plant – and they suddenly co-created the mycorrhizae and then they explode and thrive and that’s when plants took over the world and you see the emergence of the primordial jungles and forests and rainforests.

    Leaps – there is no slow development (as suggested by Darwin), these adaptation events are LEAPS.
    Suddenly the stage is set for a genetic paradigm leap. You suddenly see some sort of rearrangement of life and it happens nearly overnight.