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  • Lauren

    January 18, 2022 at 1:47 pm

    Wow, we were nearly living parallel lives! Sounds like we both awakened during the August eclipse of 1999…the opening of the Galactic Underworld. I met Leon that August, Kundalini activated the following August. At that time I worked at a small ad firm in SoHo that specialized in hotels…I did copywriting too but eventually was promoted to account executive, tho I hated it. Clients were way too demanding and I missed the creative elements so I quit and took on full-time hours at the bar I was already working at on weekends.

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend, what a tragedy…but how amazing that her light was so bright that she had firemen attached to her field. That was such a horrific time in the city. My brother was a first responder, set up a chiropractic table at ground zero to adjust the emergency workers and even the dogs that were working so tirelessly. He got the black lung issue like many others and had to live with me for a while to go thru an intensive detox program offered in the city.

    I imagine it’s no accident that we are revisiting 911 now that the timeline has collapsed, but it’s still so much to take in. Anyway, thx for sharing a little about your story…makes me feel less alone. ????

    p.s. If you or others want to share your awakening stories, just say the word and I will create a dedicated forum for that. Might be a fun retrograde revisit for everyone…a full circle moment to put a period at the end of this unfathomably long awakening and reclamation journey.