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  • Ariel88

    January 18, 2022 at 2:55 pm

    It’s nice reading everyone’s awakening stories…

    For me, my mum was my catalyst for my awakening journey in 1996 when I returned from Canada, she had begun menopause and started to present floridly psychotic, eventually getting diagnosed with schizophrenia…..that certainly shook things up for me, and unraveled much. In 2006 I moved to New Zealand, my cocooning time, going through ascension process till 2015, when I returned to Sydney.

    Yet as I write about my journey there are moments prior to that… where I knew I was more, like the time I had fight with my parents at 19, and went and sat on a rock in the bush, experiencing a sense of oneness with myself and my surroundings. I guess these experiences are common with us all and I feel important to note, as it reminds me that throughout my life, that thread was there… the love of Christ… in my enjoyment of Easter…the self development class I took at 20, for 2years whose aim was connecting with higher self. Though kids play in comparison to what I experienced with mums schizophrenia, it was important in allowing for acceptance on some level of being more than I thought…. From where standing today, it’s hard to feel was ever fully asleep.

    But the move to NZ was the first time I experienced a sense of commitment to something (ascension) like I knew in my cells, this is what I came for.. and grateful for the support of mentor at time…to be so lovingly supported during this very physical process… .. up until then had worked in multiple industries – hospitality, printing, promotional advertising, and health. Travelled and lived in a couple of countries. Having opportunities to advance in work, but was never really interested. In addition, the same with marriage, two proposals… no… always the thread of freedom, and not getting “bogged” down.

    Yet my return from NZ 7years ago, was first time I didn’t have butterflies in my belly flying back to Sydney from living elsewhere. Stayed with parents for 9months at which time I was kicked out (released) from family home, studied acting, dated for first time in years, finished my masters in counselling, moved almost yearly till recently and here I am.

    Thanks Mary… it’s been good to do this first life review… ????

    Ps. Wanted to add to the 911 theme… the other day I happened to tune into 60minutes as they were doing a story on the miracle of 911… a story about a man who was found alive after the buildings fell… rescued by a fireman. It really touched my heart, especially at the end when they hugged hello at ground zero. These 2 men, full of so much heart, both of them tearing. ????

    Speaking of which I keep meaning to ask you question regarding something you’ve said about masculine for you @lauren .. you’ve made references I can’t entirely recall now, re the integration of… how it was always a challenge… something like that… ????