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  • Pepe

    January 21, 2022 at 11:14 pm

    Hello Becky. Good question!

    I agree and feel the same with what your asking.

    Lets see if I can try to answer this…, I have so many thoughts around this and various scenarios…

    I recently bought a Tesla (also symbolic of where I’m at in my life) and I didn’t get the software for the car to drive by itself. I much prefer to feel like I’m the one driving it and I’m the one steering and pressing the accelerator – more fun that way!! I got to choose the color and the model. Pushing a few buttons, I get to choose how it drives and how it breaks. I accessorize it to make it more personal. There are so many ways to change things in this car to make it unique to myself. Every month or so, I get new free downloads so that the car gets new things to play with!

    The difference between choosing a car with karmic contracts versus having one in the new timeline without the karmic contracts is that my car will always work great, issue and drama free (or hardly any)!! I now have a high performance car that I really like and I get to choose to either drive it nice and slow, enjoying the beautiful sound of music and scenery, or really fast, focused on passing one car after another… it’s gonna go towards the same fun and enjoyable destination either way…

    I choose my destination or destination chooses me based on inspiration, intuition or if it comes from what I love. If so, then I feel I’m in the highest timeline possible…

    Hope I could somehow answer your question with my car analogy…

    Interested in what others think….