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  • Anne

    November 13, 2022 at 11:13 am

    Hi Nicole and all,

    I smoked weed for the first time at age of 15, I was a tobacco addict by that age. Then in england I smoked weed on a more regular basis. The simple reason for this was that it relaxed my mind and my body, it expanded my consciousness too. This is how it began for me, the well being feeling that I got addicted to and looked for with my the next smoke. However this expansion was relative to my state of emotions and minds I eventual discovered. This discovery was an inside job not knowing anything at all about consciousness, energy, aura fields and so on at the time. I worked full time jobs, got married to someone from england who also smoked weed and I had a child who bathed in this environment for a while. I went thru this journey for 25 years. During that journey, I became aware, sensitive to what I was feeling and started connecting the dots. I broke my marriage as it was a toxic relationship and soon after I landed in my flat with my son, I told myself in a firm way, I don’t know the way to it but I want to be HAPPY. From this time onward the Universe answered my call, the mystic world opened to me thru a mystic experience without any substance I wish to underline (lol) and that was exactly what I needed to set the goal. There would be another 11 years before I completely stopped smoking weed.

    During these eleven years, I broke away from alcohol all together tho I was not an addict to it, I was going to parties and I observed that I needed one or two glasses to dissolve my inhibition to dance. I was dancing a lot during a period. This observation did not suit me. I remember clearly deciding to stop drinking alcohol and find the path to emotional freedom to dance, an inside job I clearly felt walking. That is how I stopped drinking alcohol altogether and faced my family and friends with this out of the frame social behavior. My body became alcohol free too and I would not be able to drink at all. Later on, on rear occasions when I drank a little wee drop of wine in the bottom of my glass, I would not like it as I felt the shift in my consciousness…..and the poor feel in my body.

    I engaged with stopping weed when during my shamanic studies and while on a sundance camp, the subject was brought up and we were told that giving up smooking weed was HIGHLY requested. Not that we smoked nor drank while on the camp, no but it was a high recommendation in relation with the astral world activity, we were around year 1999-2000. The last 2 times I smoked weed at home by myself, I used it in its pure medicinal/healing way as Marijuana is a Sacred herb. I knew by then that it was so and decided to uncover/discover this aspect. So I decided of an intention, something I wanted to clarify, I invoked my intention and smoked. The journey was clear, clean, cutting right thru crystal clear insights. I was very impressed. I repeated this experience another time with the identical result. I decided after that to stop and find my way thru without any substance…..I had by that time the strength for this. It had me reflect on the distorted usage of this Sacred herb.

    I also became free of tobacco during the same period.

    My Soul journey was designed that way and I am grateful for this as I TRULY appreciate this inside job I had to do and is so important and only place where we build our strength and get our freedom from. While being in it, I did not know, I was just sensing the path thru by also confronting the pain, pain that was sufficiently painful to become sensitive to it….and CHOOSE differently. My journey did not end then but rather prepared me for its next leg.

    I am very much aware that I transmitted some of my own stuff to my son as my matrix was so full of that. But that has been the design of it in duality so far (transmission of the strengths as well as the weaknesses aspects). It was a Soul contract between him and I. This became clear to me last year. Our mutual journey has taught each other more than what I would be able to express. There is a deep love between him and I.

    I am also aware that the path I have covered to free myself from that and more as we dived deeper into matter the last decade has had me to reach the point where I stand, liberation from suffering and the unification with the Unified Field of LOVE and LIGHT. But also and eventually the liberation of many souls on this planet including my son if he desires so. I don’t know the hows of this liberation for humanity en masse as their journey as I understand will be different from ours, but I know that the transformation and liberation is a reality and that the TRUE reality is within reach for any soul feeling the call. The True Soul HEALING Path is now open to ALL in the form on Mother Earth.