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Thank You Lauren; and thanking the 7 Sisters, big time, for this cellspeak program, it is brilliant! Much, much gratitude for bringing this material into this world. You provide us with an incredible opportunity to increase our power to become more and more healthy, and more happy, and more joyful. This program is a superb tool I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. If only most of the people on this planet could know, and also apply, this program, we would very soon all live in Paradise! If ever I would recommend anything to anyone on this world, it would be this cellspeak program! You can never make somebody else more joyful than you are yourself. So start becoming as joyful as possible! -Johan

Thank you for bringing forth the Cell-Speak e-course. For me, it’s timing is perfect. I am deeply grateful. It has been the perfect answer to my prayer. One morning late this past spring or early this summer while sitting, I followed an inner prompting to exit any focus in my mental body and just breathe deeply. This felt so good, so ‘right on,’ that I kept breathing ever more deeply into my body. After several moments, I paused and in that pause experienced what felt like a second, large head surrounding my own. While in a state of noticing this distinct presence which was somehow conveying to me that it was VERY highly intelligent, this intelligence spoke to me saying, (not with condemnation or judgement but just as fact), ‘You have no idea how to take care of your body.’ I was immediately 100% fascinated by the level of intelligence from which this message was coming.
Those moments have changed my life. I felt I was brought to the recognition that I have not given appropriate respectful recognition of my physical body, that it is there to partner with me at a level I totally had not realized. I have been in rather a state of awe-filled waiting since then. I have been hoping for and asking for further engagement with this intelligence, concluding that it must be my body elemental communicating with me. You had already announced the existence of Cell-Speak at that point in time and though drawn to check it out, I had not yet done so. I am glad I waited because for me, it has been deeply meaningful to have my individual experience before receiving the teachings in Cell-Speak. Thank you for the beautiful bonus materials gifts. There are helpful and therefore precious.  -Kathleen

Thanks so much Lauren. I found this material to be truly helpful and inspiring. I love your wit and courage to be an expression of this material.  -Anne (Richmond, VA)

My messages (from the other side) are coming every day and thank you soooo much for being our guide!!!!!! I for once know who I am and how wonderful it feels to know all this time I was okay. I want to shout it out on top of the highest building because I thought isn’t this the way every one thinks (well maybe not, but it sure fells sooooo right and at home to me) I am so excited for your e-mails. I feel like this little girl and I am at the window of dreams waiting for Santa, to bring the next gift (your e-mail lessons) and each one gets better and better never thought I could feel so alive and all that I can say is YES, YES, YES I AM HOME====FINALLY. Thank you for all you do!!!!!!! -Karren Elizabeth

Thank you for the cell speak series and all the bonus material. So enjoyable and full of detailed but easy to read material.  a Delight!  LOVED it all.  Program those cells:-)   – J.S.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the Seven Sisters for bringing in this program.  The timing for me personally has been just amazing and expanded.  I started  Cell Speak on 1/13/13…LOL Who knew?? 
I know I just finished last week but, I have already begun to go from the end to the beginning again and reread it all….Each morning in reviewing so many ahahaas and connections are happening, I honestly cannot put it in words…My insides are waking up, and its like a light is on in there and just keeps communicating…( best I can explain it at the moment)
I am truly thankful for your words and your heart and you being here in this time.  I feel like I have been threw a thousand years, and was getting pretty worn down these last few years especially….And your words and your heart have helped me reconnect my own…and I am very grateful for it.  So keep on keeping on, we got this now!! and finally I can feel that from the inside 🙂  The doubts are disappearing as if they were never there, and the waves of knowingness keep coming!!!
So many thanks to you, and the P’s and blessings….Antonette Verna

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m LOVING Cell Speak!!! Yesterday’s lesson was AMAZING!!! Omg, and today’s is amazing too!!! I’m simply loving all of the wonderful information and I feel so empowered to be the best possible me imaginable!! -MaryAnne

Thank god for you and this course! Even though I have always known this information you present to be true, I have not shifted my thinking about healing to align until the past week. This shift is allowing me to move through the doubt and fear surrounding my physical dis-ease to full healing. Thank you so much for your amazing contribution to all of us going through this process. This support has and continues to assist me on pushing through the illusion. I am so excited for next weeks lesson!!!!! -Katie S.

I wanted to let you know that I have already experienced some major shifts with my body. I received a large energetic clearing a few nights ago when I declared (at a deep soul level) NO MORE!!! (with regard to a physical imbalance I was experiencing). As I called in the non-physicals to assist me as I lay in bed just before falling asleep, an INTENSE white light entered my abdominal area (where I was experiencing the imbalance) and I promptly fell asleep. When I awoke some time later, the entire imbalance was GONE. My body and my energy both felt completely clear and balanced! All the symptoms I was experiencing had vanished. I also took your advice, and I am already experiencing a completely new communication and partnership with my body. It’s really an amazing experience! –Lisa W.

Hi Lauren! I’ve received all of the lessons so far – they’re amazing!! Thank you so much for all of your love, wisdom and friendship! Learning to slow down and communicate with the cells of my body has revolutionized my relationship with myself. I’ve discovered that while exploring the ever expansive regions of the universe with my mind is fascinating and fun, bringing that same enthusiasm, curiosity and passion to the cells of my body, is just as enlightening, if not more!
My body has so much to share with me and when I stop plowing forward with my mind and take a moment to check-in with myself, there is more possibility for alignment with my emotions, clarity in any situation, and true communion with Source. As a lifelong seeker of truth, I’ve learned that real truth comes from communicating with all levels of my being. The body is often overlooked as a simple machine that gets us from the beginning to the end, but as those who are on the Cell Speak journey have learned, the body is so much more! In these times when the energy coming on to the planet is so strong, grounding ourselves and staying centered within our beings is vitally important. Thank you so much for showing me how to expand my awareness, build a stronger relationship with myself and learn that the answers are within me! My cells thank you for opening up the dialogue too! With much love and thanks! -Maryann

I just read everything and…I’m in love. And I felt my thighs shrinking even as I was reading. 😉 Truly, this is SO EXCITING!!!! I’m SO excited!!! It just FEELS RIGHT! Whoo-hooo!!!!! It’s time!!! THANK YOU!  -Kate Street

I just completed the Cell Speak Program and wanted to send you a personal note expressing my eternal gratitude to you for the work & guidance you have brought forward. I appreciate the foundational aspects and tools of support that Cell Speak gave me for connecting to my body and being an active participant in this co-creative relationship. It helps in ways that I am starting to understand and see in this NOW moment.
The program not only connected me with my body, but realigned my relationship with my body to never want to put it ‘outside’ of myself again. I discovered new supportive structures, new doorways and accessed new understandings while uncovering and unlocking mysteries inside of me. I feel like I was handed the keys to my KINGDOM. Cell Speak revolutionized my ideas about what my body truly means to me. I am humbled but excited to return to my original blueprint with my new eternal friend. Thank you Lauren for reconnecting me to my truth and ALL of my cells/selves! -Laura M.

I went into the exercise with neck and shoulder pain (a typical end of the day phenomenon after working with clients all day –  I’m a Naturopathic Doctor and energy worker.)
Interestingly I *got* a bunch of stuff and experienced a healing!  My neck and shoulder no longer hurt.  
I got that I was releasing tension, anxiety, stress, depression –  BUT interestingly that these emotions related to my typing people’s complaints and stories into my computer (ie SOAP notes for my clinic)  So these energies are affecting my arm… the energy of their stories and suffering is trapped in my fascia and physical being, but I got that it is also connected to my  ‘past kamic involutions’ – hmmm….
On my non-client days I need to release this by following my inspirations rather than the ‘to do list’ insurance letters, notes, etc.  that this will create flow of consciousness that allows self-healing.
Great stuff -thanks for the helpful exercise! -Marie

I wish to let you know that I have appreciated deeply the Cell Speak program that I have just finished this week. It is the beginning of a new venture and a new phase that I am approaching with this. I have also appreciated very very much the pace at which the program was delivered. I found so nurturing to receive it in a mindful, caring little step at the time. I found it very appropriate to my inner rhythm.
I also feel the relationship that is growing/changing with the cells since I am reprogramming them…what a valuable knowledge you have been able to receive and transmit it.  I see and feel you as a big sister and I am glad and feel lucky to have met you. Thank you for being who you are in a simple and truly loving way. You are showing me a lot !  -Anne (Paris, France)

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