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BE the FORCE course

Unity/Divine/Cosmic/Conscious Creation is what I would equate to a master’s degree program on earth.  After we move thru our personal purification studies and graduate from the school of suffering…the university of duality…we are given the opportunity to apply our hard-earned skills in the physical world with the FREEdom to play with our superpowers.

Cosmically speaking, that time has come and this e-course provides a basis for that application…the fundamentals of how to apply the (ancient/original) mechanics of Feminine creation.

Tho extremely challenging, this is also the most exciting time to be on this planet, in a body, at the turn of an Age, remembering and BEcoming the Truth of who we are, in form…and now we get to physically create our lives according to that truth.  Create As LOVE™ holds the keys to how.

The perspective-shifting information contained in this e-course is gifted to us via my Pleiadian oversoul consciousness but is written in a very down-to-earth way. Each lesson of which is considered key cornerstone to creating in the new energy and contains the vital constructs needed for new (ancient) Creatorship.

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