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Cultivating Cosmic Life Force
Lauren · August 8, 2022

How to Cultivate Cosmic Life Force in 5 Steps

Now that we have the New Human technology in place to accommodate the New Earth experience, it’s time to utilize it!

The 5D human requires new/different/higher forms of (Source) sustenance to:

  1. Supply the bioplasmic body with the proper nourishment
  2. Power our New Earth vehicle with clean/pure fuel

Manna from Heaven provides you with a precise tool to power & nourish your Higher Body System using an Arcturian Life Force cultivation technique designed for those who are converting their carbon-based fuel systems to rechargeable so(u)lar batteries.☀️🔋

Utilizing it as a daily practice offers you the ability to:

  • Become energetically independent, FREE of survival constructs
  • Supply your Higher body system with the proper nutrients
  • Awaken & empower your Holy Grail (Hara) Creatrix power
  • Build, strengthen, & apply that (GOD) power to your life & the world
  • Enhance your True creative capacity, focus & production
  • Increase your Presence in form (the profound, peaceable state)
  • Boost your vitality for health & regeneration (to transform the body)

Course Details: This is a written course that guides you with visuals through each of the steps required to cultivate your own Life Force energy.  It is open enrollment…meaning you can start at any time…and it is self-paced, so you can move thru the lessons & topics at your leisure.

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