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  • Shiawase

    November 30, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    Hi Pieter

    they are so drawn to each other, that they become really close. It is as if the mutual tenderness radiates from them

    I almost posted below photo when I saw the previous photo you posted, the sculpture of m/f ( actually I am not sure if it was your post) today I felt some synchronicity was going on being reflected in our landscapes.

    I was putting some elements, last couple of days, from my gardens I harvested to express what felt going on in my landscape.

    This morning I heard, from Mary M , that my feminine attributes are being restored… old template being overriden. I felt like expressing the new with the elements around me.

    This creation, corn ???? tassel and red Amaranth holding and embracing with each other feels Unity of M/F. The orange maple leaves between them feels new birth out of M/F union. It also feels more of Feminine Nature coming back…Mullein’s green tone is soft wrapping the body (bottle) tenderly nurturing the New. I have not finished this creation is on the process.

    It’s rainy and quiet right now. Feeling intensity but some newness being delivered.????