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  • Pieter-Geert

    December 10, 2022 at 7:33 am

    Water and SPIRIT

    Hi @lauren Hi All. I feel the urge to commit some thoughts on The Holy Spirit etc. to paper again. My approach this time is to take my own experiences as a starting point as much as possible. I catch myself sometimes choosing the path from mental understanding to emotional experience with the risk of getting a bit lost afterwards……bbrrr. Recently I have been allowed to have some experiences that now give me the opportunity to reverse this process of discovery, i.e. from experiencing to mentally understanding. And all under the adage: nice to know and because it makes communication with others more possible. And that will certainly be needed when our second life mission enters a more concrete implementation phase. And I also realise that listing a few things will help integrate my underlying processes and experiences.

    In this account, I want to focus on two spiritual forces, namely The Divine Mother Force and The Holy Spirit. In many writings and theological as well as esoteric reflections, these forces are considered more or less identical to each other. Recent exchanges on this thread also provide nourishment in that thought.

    I strongly tend to consider the Power of the Divine Mother and the Power of the Holy Spirit as two forces in their own right. Or perhaps should say as two self-contained manifestations of God. For the sake of convenience, I leave out the manifestation of the Sonship – the Christ Force – within this exploration. My recent experiences are as follows.

    The Mother Force. I recently described this Force in detail in this thread after my (birth) experience. For the sake of clarity, I repeat some main passages here:

    ‘I experienced a thick, full belly; as if something had to go out; something had to be born. And I got memory images of my former wife’s labor pains – which eventually led to the birth of daughter Eva! -. A multitude of physical ‘birth feelings’ and images regarding a coming birth passed by. Even as I commit these words to the screen I experience: a full belly’.

    Looking back on this experience and now attuning to my belly I feel a touch of a motherly softness and tenderness and hear an inner resonance that says: THE LOVE OF GOD.

    The Holy Spirit. In a recent post, I very recently shared with you my nectar experiences within the context of the inner image of a HOME and a Garden (with a pool). Among other things, I wrote the following:

    ‘ Then I got images of fruit (strawberries, pears, apples) and indulged in the delicious flavours. I also imagined myself naked in the pond, which was a treat for my tactile senses, especially the warm streams of water that sparkled on my skin. It felt deeply ‘loving’ like a blessing. Speechless I am. What a treat…..’.

    This experience received a series of very intense follow-up experiences and insights. For many hours, I experienced the (sensual) sprinkling of the water over my body as extremely beneficial, beyond words; crystal clear water flowing over my shoulders and back penetrated deep into my body. It penetrated my entire system. Looking back and feeling after this blessed experience, I began to identify for myself that something very special had happened. I had in an earlier attunement to the pool/pond presented to me in dream state (as part of the total picture of HOME and Garden) as a representation of Source. This was crystal clear to me from the very beginning. The deep experience of the streams of water over my skin stood and stand for more than a mere bodily pleasure. Did I get to receive the Holy Spirit? A receiving that has as symbols Water and Spirit. I don’t beat around the bush. I think so and all the more so because a few months back, in a spirit-to-Spirit communication, I was told: ‘You will be showered with the Holy Spirit’. And I have to cross quite a threshold to share this with others. Sometimes I think I would do well to keep the experiences and insights as a personal secret. Nevertheless, I ultimately choose to share it only with you so that others can benefit as witnesses.

    Where does this take me looking at my questioning at the beginning. As mentioned, I experienced and am experiencing the embedding of the Divine Mother in my belly as a different force than the Holy Spirit. At least until now; it is a process of discovery of advancing understanding. The Power of the Holy Spirit feels to me on an energetic level as being powerfully connected to the Spiritual Realm and is not localised on and around a body area. Biblical literature talks about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. In that context, I was reminded @lauren briefly of our birthrights which is talked about a lot in the reports? To me, the Mother Force feels more like a Property/Aspect of God. And as I write this, I think @lauren of your words: ‘becoming The Mother’. In gratitude.

    Finally, something begins to glow in me that the Forces of the Father God, the Mother God, the Son and the Holy Spirit are distinguishable but not separable. They form an interplay where manifesting in the world is concerned. Something like a Cosmic Dance….? Perhaps more on that later.