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    Posted by Dianna on January 24, 2021 at 1:27 am

    Hi Angie!

    I was just looking around, reading updates and such, and I saw your post. I read Lauren’s reply. She is right on top of her game, as usual. But, I have something to add here, that I have learned through experience.

    Those of us who are on a mission here on this planet, have 2 things to accomplish. 1) the mission itself, and 2) heal ourselves so that we can fulfill those missions, which is a plus. Now, what I have come to learn and understand is that yes, we do need to release and heal, but we’re not just healing ourselves, we’re healing our True Higher Selves, too. As you may know, there are different aspects of our True Higher Self, too. I learned that when a higher aspect of myself tried to kill me to stop her own suffering. That, of course is a story in itself. Just let me say, I ended up helping her heal her pain so that she can rise to her next level, I pray. Then, I just recently learned that my True Higher Self is also in need of healing, because she is so disappointed with my progress and actions, that she doesn’t love me either. Everything has to do with everything. We’re here to heal ourselves and our higher selves, and our higher selves are here to heal us, and themselves. A very mind-boggling ????interesting concept, huh? For me, I’m releasing all those negative things so that I can learn to love every aspect of myself again, and if my True Higher Self is unhappy, disappointed, and unloving towards me, then she needs to forgive all aspects of me to love all aspects of herself. Then, once that happens, there’s a merge, a meeting of the minds that makes the healing complete. That is, if we are successful in our own healing progress. It’s very possible a total healing may not take place within any of us…if we “do not do the work”. And, if we do not do the work, depend n.v doing on how much work needs to be done, will decide whether we’re capable and able to rise up to another level. Not all will. Many still have a great deal of lessons to learn.

    Well, hope this helps!

    Dianna replied 3 years, 1 month ago 7 Members · 13 Replies
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  • Nabila

    January 24, 2021 at 2:22 am

    It’s very interesting that you feel/have felt your higher self is disappointed in you let alone kill you.

    From my understanding that perspective is not part of the true higher self aspect as Lauren shared in another thread ⬇️

    “but to be clear, your higher self would never demand or even desire an apology…you would only receive encouragement to embody and express more of your divinity’ ( from the gifts and abilities discussion)

    My own experience of communication with my HS/source self is always one of compassion and kindness and understanding . It’s encouraging but not pushy , critical nor does it take score.

    Just thought I’d respectfully share this.


  • Lauren

    January 24, 2021 at 10:05 am

    Those of us who are on a mission here on this planet, have 2 things to accomplish. 1) the mission itself, and 2) heal ourselves so that we can fulfill those missions…

    I will add that these two things are one in the same ⇾ the (phase 1) mission work IS the self-healing work, they cannot be separated. “The work” is done thru ourcellves. (As within, so without.) Phase 2 mission work is the expression of our healed/whole Selves.

    In regard to this…

    Then, I just recently learned that my True Higher Self is also in need of healing, because she is so disappointed with my progress and actions, that she doesn’t love me either.

    I also feel to mention that your True Higher Self is already whole and complete. There is no need for healing the higher part of you, that part of you is connected to your Source Self, and is here to serve YOU, not the other way around. Our HS helps us to heal our lower self/human aspects, so we can return to that higher state of purity in form. As well, your Higher Self would never discourage you, condemn you, or cause you harm…it is a Source of True, unconditional LOVE, admiration, compassion, and respect for you because it is IS you. My sincere advice is that you begin to question your source of communication.

    • Lauren

      January 24, 2021 at 3:36 pm

      the (phase 1) mission work IS the self-healing work, they cannot be separated. “The work” is done thru ourcellves. (As within, so without.) Phase 2 mission work is the expression of our healed/whole Selves.”

      I love this. Thank you. ????

      Right now I feel so scattered and far from being healed/whole. Do you know if this has anything to do with the lower masculine ego death? As in it is dying through mycellf?

      • Lauren

        January 24, 2021 at 4:19 pm

        Do you know if this has anything to do with the lower masculine ego death? As in it is dying through mycellf?

        in a word: YES

        We are def still witnessing the fallout of the ego death….apparently, this round resolves on the full moon in Leo when the masculine moves more fully into Christed consciousness. aka, we’re still IN IT. Hopefully, after that things will settle in a bit. ????

        • Lauren

          January 24, 2021 at 5:50 pm

          Thank you! ????

  • Dianna

    January 24, 2021 at 10:58 am

    Lauren, you are 100% exactly right. I was wrong in my thinking. Quite honestly, I’m not sure where these thoughts are coming from. When I receive them, they feel right and true. Regardless of that, I’m glad I put my thoughts “out there” to be corrected. In actuality, you solved a problem for me that could have gone very sour. I apologize for the bad advice, Angie. Sometimes my thinking is really “out there” in space. Perhaps literally. LoL. And thank you Lauren for the level head. It’s truly appreciated, and I am greatful. ????

    • Lauren

      January 24, 2021 at 12:11 pm

      I’m not sure where these thoughts are coming from. When I receive them, they feel right and true.

      I will give you a guidepost to help you navigate the dimensional realities:

      1. The thoughts of our Higher Self are unified (of the unified realms) so they will always be based in unconditional LOVE.
      2. The Higher Self thoughts will be uplifting and grounding at the same time…encouraging, but rooted in reality, based on where you reside in your current state of development. This means that these thoughts will never be too lofty or complimentary and they will also never be disparaging or critical. If anything of either end of that polarity spectrum presents…withdrawal and question it.
      3. Your HS will always be honest, but with extreme care and sensitivity to the human condition. Any advice will always be in support of your continual evolution and progression toward greater and greater Self LOVE and spiritual Self-reliance.

      This is a time of discernment like no other so if you are in doubt about something you can always post in the Guidance & Support Forum for reflection until you get the hang of navigating these realms…we’ve all been thru and have to go thru the astral maze in one way or another and so there is a strong team of support here.

      As a basic rule of thumb: Never take any information at face value. The lower astral dwellers and programs are polarizing and will pit you against yourself. Your True Higher Self complex will unify your heart & mind/humanity & divinity, and show you a pathway to bring those two aspects together so that you are not open and pervious to external influence but anchored in your own sovereignty and growing in your resilience.

      To know if information is coming from a reliable source…always ask yourself if the source holds a resonance of LOVE…which is expanding…or fear, which is retracting. That way you can determine for yourself what this feels like and develop your own internal framework. Above all, thank you for your emotional honesty and transparency, this is something that will certainly help others along the way. ????

      p.s. Oh! and in case it gets confusing, I rerouted this thread to a new topic because I felt it deserved its own space.

  • Angie

    January 24, 2021 at 11:19 am

    Hey Dianna, I don’t think you were wrong, I think you just mixed up your thoughts a bit. Maybe talking about the higher self when really you were thinking of the inner parent? That’s how I took your comment anyway. Because I’ve had to do a lot of work communicating between my inner critical parent and my inner wounded child to get them to work better together. But then my higher self is there to help both my inner parent and inner child heal, integrate and work together. Love to you.

  • Kathleen

    January 24, 2021 at 12:00 pm

    Dear Dianna, it’s ALLLLL perfect ♥️!!! You joining TWYH and bringing this conversation up and out where Lauren BEING her Self responded to you AS LOVE and you experiencing your Higher Self through HER – myyyy heart is BURSTINGGG in the beauty of you/me/ALL creating NEW life, NEW relationships, NEW earth AS LOVVVVE ???? ???? ???? ❣️

  • Lauren

    May 10, 2021 at 11:21 am

    Dianna 2 hours, 11 minutes ago

    No, Maria. I certainly do not have a handle on this. As a matter of fact…I blew it. After trying so hard to get the negatives off me this morning, I got so angry that I’m now down there with them. I don’t know how far I’ve fallen yet, but I will find out soon, I’m sure. I’ve got alot to think about, and alot to make amends for. Looks like I’ll have plenty of time for that, by the feel of it all. I won’t be posting anything for a while. At least, not until I return from wherever I am. Blessings! ???????????? dianna

    Maria 23 minutes ago

    Dianna, I’ve been where you are right now and PLEASE believe me it’s all bullshit and illusions. This is exactly what the negatives want you to see and feel. Exactly where they want you. A few weeks ago I thought this website / pathway was not even real, that no one here was real (sorry Lauren but that’s where I was). I was convinced everything was bullshit. I forgot who I was, I was filled with this ridiculous anger and hate that consumed me. I let it all right in and it nearly destroyed me.

    There were three occasions that I came very close to ending it, where my actions no longer felt like mine and “they” were pushing me there. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced. I nearly went out of my mind. They were constantly trying to convince me that I needed to face my shame, my guilt, my pride. Constantly trying to convince me I was NOT a child of GOD. That I was bad, that I had sinned, that I needed to atone /redeem myself, and they did this under the guise of Beings of Light. It was actually quite convincing. I honestly believed that they were my guides trying to “help” me back onto my right path. But after a small period of self-disgust for my “supposed” actions, in which “they” were mocking and laughing at me, telling me over and over to feel my deep shame, to release my pride, something in me changed even though I still felt like I was fighting a losing battle.

    And I started saying NO. I refused to believe that my actions had come out of pride, that there was anything that I had ever done to be ashamed of. I no longer cared if they were “beings of light”, I refused to acquiesce to their demands. I started to review my life, my actions and I became very clear that my “supposed pride” was nothing more than me refusing to bow down for anyone. That no matter what happened in my life, I kept my head up high, and looked at my “perpetrators” in the eye and refused to be taken into that “lower reality” with them. That it was just me refusing to bow down to any reality that was not of the love and light. NOT pride at all. ME being who I have always been, an ambassador/ representative of the forces of light on this Earth. Every single human being on this Earth, starlings included is having their true/authentic nature overridden constantly by the “programming” of these negatives. No one here has ever done anything to be ashamed of.

    While we all have choice, this programming is just “too well worn” as Lauren stated, and all of us are drowning in self-hate, shame, unworthiness etc that’s just a bullshit program trying to derail us. And it is all bullshit/illusion. There is nothing we need to make amends for, we just need to wake up to the truth / remembrance of who we are. Nothing more. This is why they are doing everything to derail us as that is literally all it will take for us to remember and break through the illusions that they have cast for eons on this world and it’s people. As starlings we are FULLY capable of breaking through this. Don’t be hard on yourself. We aren’t going to master it overnight. Putting up boundaries, breaking through programming, is a daily discipline, something we need to chose over and over and over again in every moment from this point forward. This isn’t something that is going to end or go away.

    They will always be there, and they always try to thwart us. It’s their nature, just as it is OUR nature to say NO to it, to dispel their illusions, to reclaim what has been lost to them. It’s what we are here to do, and we now need to be doing it on a daily basis. Everyday you feel them you just need to say NO. Everyday you need to just ignore them, go to zero point and just focus on anything but them. They are irrelevant. That’s what I keep saying…not interested. And some days I have a handle on it, others not as much, but each day also I get closer to sealing that door shut for good. But even then eternal vigilance is required, cause this will NEVER go away. And the game will change and they will try different things and so on, so on. It’s a game we’ve been playing for millennia, not just on Earth but this entire universe, across many dimensions and timelines. They shut the doorway out of our Universe a long time ago, and we have been fighting for our freedom for a very long time. We just have to keep fighting. And so do you. But as Lauren said it’s not really a fight, we just need to remain neutral/surrender. That’s all that’s required. And remember who we are. WE ARE DOING THIS! We just all have to trust. ❤️❤️❤️. Much love to you xxx

  • Lauren

    May 10, 2021 at 11:36 am

    perfect. thx for redirecting Maria! appreciate it. I will tag @iwritebackwards in hopefully she will get the notification.

  • Dianna

    May 16, 2021 at 10:40 am

    Thank you, Maria. You really said a mouthful. I’m lying in my bed reading your reply, and quite honestly, I’m still confused. I am under the impression that in order to ascend, to awaken, we must dig deep into who we are, and what makes us tick, so that we can not only learn who we truly are, but adjust those attitudes and beliefs that hold us back, and I’ve been doing that for the last few days. I’ve been given lesson after lesson for months on how to distinguish between the different types of negatives that are on and off this planet. Forces, Powers, Entities, Energies, Parasites, and unknown negatives we have no clue that even exist. While learning this, I also learn so much about myself, and how I deal with and respond to each one with love, and/or the use of my own I Am Presence. Each lesson becomes more and more difficult, and at the same time, I learn more and more about myself. For instance, and I only mention this because of your last reply, I live nextdoor to a man who refuses to speak or acknowledge that I exist. In other words, he dislikes me very much, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, 2 nights ago, this “Power or Force” entered my home, and my field. It was massive. At first, it frightened me with how it affected my body. Then, after it decided to stay, I began having a loving and forthright conversation with it, explaining who I was, and why it could not stay. Then I said something that still, to this day, can’t believe what I said. I told it to go nextdoor to that man’s house, which it did. It was understanding and respectful. However, after it left to go nextdoor, the thing was so huge and massive, that I still continued to feel it’s presence in my home! Ever since I said that, I’ve been so disgusted with myself for my selfish and unloving behavior. Certainly, a member of The Office Of Christ would never do such a thing! I’ve been trying so hard to forgive myself, but am finding it very difficult to do. So, if I’m reading your reply correctly, are you essentially explaining to me that all I’m experiencing is not real, an illusion, a ruse to make me feel unworthy, disempowered, and confused??? Because all I’ve been going through was what I thought was a preparation to my awakening, and my next level in life. If it all is a ruse, and not a preparation from my True Higher Self, well then, they sure did one hell of a great job confusing me! ???? lol. Sometimes, my depression goes through the roof, and trying to figure things out is mind-blowing. And yes, at times, my mind travels to those horrible self-destructing places I care not to describe, and currently, I’m not particularly happy with sending that Power or Force to that man nextdoor. I mean, geez! There are so many things that says about my character and who I am! Last night, was a parade of different negatives, all designed to see how I dealt with each one. I already dread the upcoming of each night, and I rarely get a good few hours of sleep. That is why I said that sleeping pills don’t even work anymore. The only difference then is dealing with the negatives in a very sleepy state! ????LoL

  • Dianna

    May 16, 2021 at 10:46 am

    Got it, Lauren. Thank you!

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