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  • New World WEEKLY disconnect, saying goodbye & 4D astral

    Posted by Marcy on March 4, 2024 at 7:15 pm

    DISCONNECT, GOODBYE’S, & 4D ASTRAL in the Wild West lol

    (tried posting under Lauren’s “88 portal” post but coming up as error, but really need to share. LEAVING for good is hurting, don’t want to feel alone in this big goodbye, a bit scared, sad and glad, confusing to feel all at once.)

    Timelines, Templates, Tectonic plates I am perplexed by these jumps/shifts. I have not understood them, never asked. This week, I knew. I traveled to CA (residence of 19 years) and experienced total DIS CON NECT like I was in a bubble. And it was all so beautiful, this place I once complained about, feared, knew misery in. I was welcomed, offered every comfort, treated with respect and kindness. I experienced myself as empowered, healthy. A couple friendships evolved, new experience of relating began. And NATURE, oh my gosh, has California ever been so beautiful!!! I could only feel peace and love and aliveness everywhere I looked. I also noticed misery like I had never seen it before, in people. The sheer horrible imbalance in economic scales in Mammoth Lakes….was awful. It felt almost third world. The countryside though welcomed me and with gladness. (mega energy too, painful nights, Tuesday knocked me out) Finally, I couldn’t decide if I should stay or go!! I did not have a departure date. I kept being invited to enjoy “more” I booked a flight home one evening with more ease than I have ever booked a flight, but the next day I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE. I left thinking maybe I failed at allowing myself to stay. I didn’t get to say goodbye long enough. I didn’t enjoy my friends long enough. Or I saw I COULD enjoy them more. I thought I would be rejected. I was not. I couldn’t see straight, though, I was confused, I didn’t know how to choose! I needed help to figure it out. I didn’t ask. I never asked before. I WANT HELP. I don’t care if I’m criticized for my needs now. I don’t mean saving either. I fear what anyone may think of me for saying that. I want people. I want love, LIFE. I do not want to deprive myself. I want another day in California. I want to have and know what I missed. I realize maybe I didn’t tho, and that may be the lesson.

    Right Choice those words came up on a roll of toilet paper, received more than a few messages in bathrooms over the years 🩷 virtue of simplicity waged large in my learning. This visit was large in LEARNING, an intro into making the new right choice. I walked the long way around opportunity in the past. I met someone really lovely and I walked the long way around and missed my chance (again) to connect. I am DONE missing chances. I WANT PEOPLE, so much I don’t care whether they like me or not. Those of you with many people/relationships in your life, I know this sounds odd, stupid even. Yet I am glad you do not know, I am glad connection wasn’t stolen from you!

    4D Astral what a showdown!! Goodness! Get this, I have seen Cowboys, Native Americans in full head dress, early 19th century merchants, infuriated midwesterners in spectacles, gypsies, conmen, mean looking males, females, too, some nasty, some curious….it’s been a HISTORY lesson! FEB I was in GA, Ohio, CA mountains, LA and Topanga, CA. The Cowboy said to me (was in Mammoth eastern sierras) “howdy doody!” And he said it like NO ONE has EVER said it in any western movie, like he had been saying it his whole life. Oh, I wish I could have recorded it. The Native American guy (while in Topanga canyon) was in full headdress, amazing feathers, looked at me, so beautiful powerful headdress formed to his face, majestic. His skin was so moist, oiled, color so beautiful, like no picture I have ever seen. Another Native American behind the cowboy I saw in Mammoth, long dark hair, but wouldn’t come forward. This is the nice stuff, but lots of not nice… as many of you know. I feel like ghosts are part of the crowd now….?? not just other lower or higher beings. I don’t get it tho… what are they really? Are they souls stuck in 4D arena or just not choosing to move on?? Seriously, does anyone know?

    Biggest take this week, LEARN. The RIGHT CHOICES. GodLove help me I am genuinely scared. I hope I can do it

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