2022: The Fruits of our Labors

Happy New Year (!)…and soon to be Lunar New Year (!)…when it will actually feel like the new year.  Speaking of, the Sun just shifted into Aquarius (1/19) which means the gateways to our New Earth lives (freedom & independence) are beginning to open.  To prepare for the unified experience, we just moved thru an intense…but important…Cancer full moon (1/17) that put a final death to the core mother wound (of separation), and we are also being inundated with powerful cosmic, solar & astrological energies that are amping up the evolutionary pressure while simultaneously supporting us at every turn to enter The Kingdom.

As such, and thru the remaining days of January, we will continue to bring final closures to our karmic life, preparing to unveil the new version of ourSelves that we are readying to share with the world.  The time is now…while Venus & Mercury are still retrograde…to complete the internal changes and alignments that are needed for this YOUniversal version of you to come about⇾ the revelation of your Cosmic Identity.

To that aim, Mercury is assisting us to dig up & dissolve any remaining mental blocks (fears/limitations) that we have been recycling (without resolution) thru our separated Heart·mind processors, while Venus has been providing us with multiple opportunities for radical self LOVE…to empower the Heart to heal, whole & break free of ancient karmic/narcissistic patterns stemming from heartbreak (abandonment, loss & betrayal).  Together, these symbiotic planetary archetypes are facilitating a complete rewiring of our hearts & minds from our newly reclaimed (Divine Feminine) authority.

To help us arrive at this new level of dominion over our lives, we’ve been moving through some hefty restructuring (death/rebirth) energies since the Capricorn New Moon (1/2) that are supporting us to leave the entire Saturnian system (of karmic creation) behind.  This untethering process began with the 12/21/20 Great Conjunction and has been driving us to drop the victim template (crucifixion implant) by completely overriding the lower agenda in every aspect of our lives.  Step by step we have been diligently replacing our false feelings of powerlessness with the supreme authority to rule our own reality.

We have since completed the merger of light & dark….the war (of the Roses) is over, LOVE (GOD) has won…which means we’ve graduated from the lower human condition⇾ à la Earth school. ????????.  The indigo warrior race has been successful in the fight to free the Feminine Force from enslavement and to reclaim the Holy Grail for the return of our GOD-given birthrights.  As a result, our life force is returning and you may suddenly be feeling the veracity of that truth…internally sensing that the “battle for our birthrights” is truly over thru a new level of stability & security within.

Feeling safe and protected from harm’s way…without having to defend what’s rightfully ours…is the gift of Divine Providence, that which offers us the ultimate protection of the universe. This cosmic seal safeguards our (toroidal) field from the lower (divided) forces, enveloping us in Grace once we have completed the disentanglement from the matrix.

With our proper (divine) sheathing in place, we can finally take down the walls we built around our (previously unprotected) hearts…those (necessary) defense mechanisms that were barricading us from the harshness of the separated world.  And as we feel safe to open, we welcome the nourishing flow of Source to soften the hardened areas of our lives, to replenish those grave areas of depletion.

And this is just the very beginning.  The (universal 6) year of 2022 is considered a “harvest year” for good reason, for this is when the decades of inner work, healing work, service work, sacrifice & faithfulness will be rewarded…when our Tree of Life has grown to full maturity and we are permitted to reap the ripened fruits of our hard-earned labors, year after year.

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