2024: Rebuilding Your Life As LOVE

Happy New Year/New Moon cycle! ūüé䬆 After a bit of a bumpy entrance into 2024 we just safely landed within the first lunation of the new calendar year (on 1/11) by which have planted some important seeds for our new Soul contracts slated to begin at the astrological new year and by way of the new/first Cosmic Creation cycle available on Earth since before the Fall.

This Capricorn lunar cycle is pushing us to take some preliminary steps…the first of our new foundations…outside of our comfort zones and in full faith of our higher plan & purpose.¬† Thru our new moon initiations, we’ve all been presented with an important choice point asking us to choose love over fear and to trust in the uncertainty of the New Earth structures we’ve been slowly & methodically securing to sustain us here.

We are beginning again AS the Universe, rebuilding our lives AS LOVE.  That LOVE is nothing if not the Universe itSelf.

For the last four years (2020-2024) we’ve been dismantling the last of the internal structures of our lives that were tied to the old earth systems while laying new/proper foundations to support our new (karmic-free) creations, and now 2024 is asking us to think future as we prepare to build out the external (self-sustaining) structures needed for our New Earth reality. This is a year to redesign your destiny around all the things that make you, YOU‚áĺ whatever inspires you, completes you, calls to you is yours to CREATE.

In the separated world, things look messy as all get out but, as always, our job is to stay awake to the fact that we are IN the change, that we (collectively) birthed a whole new dimension of reality and now many are ready to inhabit it.¬† We are living a brand new opportunity, yes, but the old will continue to crumble to make way for the new because everything is birthing brand new in every moment.¬† And let’s face it, birth is messy.

With Pluto returning to Aquarius (1/20) for the next two decades, we can certainly expect profound, forward-thinking changes for the implementation of Aquarian Age systems & technologies, but with the ongoing birth of the future will also come the ongoing death of the past.¬† If you can focus on the amazing things that are birthing…what you want to create, what you can start creating, what you want to paint on the blank canvas of this new Creation cycle before us…then it’s going to be an amazing year, a building year, a creative year, a year that we have all been waiting for¬†to finally work with the physical elements of creation.

The reality is that the New Earth hologram is HERE, open for business, which means anyone within the vibrational vicinity of unity (LOVE) can now access these cosmic coordinates to create with.  In late 2022, we welcomed forth the radiant, solar aspect of The Mother, opening a portal for Divine LOVE to enter into the Heart of Earth.  This Cosmic Mother energy…downloaded into the crystalline core of Earth Mother by way of ALL available conduits…ushered in this new Cosmic Creation Cycle we are now entering by which those of Cosmic Christship are granted access to the Creative essence of The Mother to now create as The Mother.

The (plasmic) power becoming available to us is truly unprecedented.¬† It’s time to level up and reclaim command of our bodies & lives!¬† Our release from the constructs of causality means we are returning to our proper place & position as primary commanders of our reality which puts us in a primary position of power/authority over our own life and consequently the life of the planet.

And with the return of the Divine Masculine to support us, doors are already opening to reveal the way forward with clearer direction…BUT, with Pluto at the final degree of Capricorn‚áĺ exams abound. As we walk out these karmic completions & old storylines over the next week, our resolve will continue to be tested to ensure our sovereignty & independence from the lower world, insisting we take complete responsibility for our energy and hold ourselves accountable for all our creations‚áĺ the good, the bad, the beautiful.

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