88: Opening the Cosmic Floodgate

The 8/8 Lion’s Gate is officially upon us, the first stargate portal following the Galactic New Year when starborns receive their new ascension assignments for the following calendar year.  This gateway is an extremely potent “master DNA” activation portal where we have the potential to open to higher levels of consciousness around our Soul origin, planetary mission, and galactic gifts & talents.

Aptly named “Heaven’s Gate”, the 8:8 (Golden Gateway) is facilitating our earthen entrance into the nirvanic realms this year, thereby escorting the first ascending wave out of this world (of separation) to rejoin the multiverse.

The Lion’s Gate portal is a yearly cosmic gateway to the higher frequencies of the unified realms, but we must be ready-willing-able to leave the underworld/shadow world (karmic life/suffering contracts) behind to utilize its full (superconductive) potential.  For those prepared, the incoming activation/light codes are aimed at exactly that…at assisting us to release the body from the fallen realms (from hell, essentially) to reveal our natural frequency state⇾ the authentic vibration of Home.

To support/push us to reach this (highest) potential, we are moving thru significant activations, awakenings & (star) DNA upgrades thru the Aquarius full (super) moon (8/11) which also supports & assists the collective (by proxy) with embracing the collapse of the Piscean age and welcoming the incoming Aquarian Age.

This means powerful waves of change are upon us…potentially disruptive (but purposeful) energies designed to rapidly remove what is no longer in energetic alignment with our selves, lives, the planet, and the Aquarian Age at large.  When these expired timelines collapse, we can no longer uphold the (karmic) contracts of the past and we are all being shaken out of our comfort zones as a result.

As we break free from our chrysallis (auric egg) and merge with the Cosmic Egg, the veil (amniotic sac) that shrouded our full Truth is dissolving before our eyes to reveal what has long been hidden (or denied) so we can make the necessary shifts to replace the cloak of our lower human identity with our Celestial Robe of Honor.

Because of this, you may suddenly be feeling your heart/soul desires changing pretty profoundly…perhaps even radically…as you reconnect to your Cosmic coordinates and greater Life Plan.  The unveiling of these new layers of Self/truth is now making it impossible to tolerate unwanted, unhealthy, unfulfilling, or unproductive dynamics, patterns, routines, relationships, jobs, homes, or even geographical locations that served their (karmic) purpose but are no longer (vibrationally) aligned with our Cosmic level Self & New Earth missions. It’s helpful to roll with these endings to avoid any unnecessary upheaval.

The reality is that we’re closing the Book of Life and opening the Book of LOVE which demands that we overhaul our lives on every level, spurring major changes that are both exhilarating…after so many years/decades of dormancy…but can also be a bit overwhelming (on a practical level) to be called to restructure SO much SO fast.  But ready or not change is here.  As a result, we are moving thru a tremendous rediscovery & reorganization process…from the smallest of details (new interests, routines, technology, service providers, etc.) to the largest of life decisions (new careers, cars, homes, resonant relationships, etc).

To that aim, new people, places, and things are already shuffling in to replace the outdated & misaligned structures of our karmic life, and with that comes an unending TO-DO list to tackle.  All this life change is sorting out our new trajectories for 2023, settling us into our New Earth grooves, but of course with so much new also comes the release of the old thru ongoing purges, detoxes & clearings…both in our lives and on a cellular level.

It’s important to stay riveted to the big picture as we surf these cosmic waves that are rerouting every single aspect of our human life to align with the divine.  These waves are delivering to us the energy of Home which means those of us who are pre-wired for a higher dimensional existence will finally feel at Home…in our bodies and on this Earth.  As a sacred Keeper of the Garden, your DNA is coded to bloom in this Love·Light. ☀️????

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