Bride of Christ: birth of the cosmic soul

As we enter into the second week of our yearly deathing/birthing season there are three pivotal dates marking our entrance into an upcoming period of radical change: 1) 9/9 in which Mars stations retrograde on the first 9:9 stargate of the month…2) 9/11 which signals the next round of the impending death of duality (societal) structures…and 3) 9/13 when Jupiter turns direct, highlighted as the official birthdate of the Solar Cosmic Christess.

The Solar Cosmic Christess, or “Bride of Christ” template is what makes it possible to rebirth our True Selves into the physical. Once we align with the Great Central Sun…which many achieved during the official birthdate of the Solar Cosmic Christ on 8/8…we are able to then return to the physical realms, to fully anchor the divine principle of Creation in matter, thru our physical vessels.

For some, this is that moment. Those pioneering the next stage of evolution for the human race (from homo sapien to homo luminous) have been working tirelessly in preparation for this…collapsing & resolving the false (death) structures in the flesh body that kept us biologically bound, corded to the slave matrix.

We’ve been severing that false (umbilical) cord tethered to our sacral center so we can now fully align our purified womb-space with Mother Earth’s Womb and the Cosmic Womb of Creation which enables us to rebirth ourSelves in the world of form…to bear the (first) Fruits from the Original Tree of Life architecture via the ”consecrated bridal chamber”, activating our inherent birth-right to embody our True (galactic) nature.

Similar to how our Solar Masculine Christ aspect physically reconnects us to Father GOD thru the fractal, nested chain of Suns (great, central & local) via the Solar Heart Gateway, the Solar Feminine Christess aspect reconnects us to Mother GOD via the fractal, nested Wombs of Creation.  This alignment deepens our galactic roots into the sustenance of Earth ensuring that our Christed/Avatar Self has access to the lower realms, thereby enabling us to flourish and excel in the material world from a place of divine Truth.

To get here, we just moved thru some pretty rigorous Labor Day weekend contractions initiating this birthing process…which is a simultaneous deathing (of duality) process …the release of the false genetics, and our final “delivery from evil”.  Whatever you moved thru at that time was the physical manifestation of the 7/21 new moon – 8/3 full moon lunar cycle which was, in itself, a difficult but important moment of personal/ancestral closure.

Once we move thru the last contractions of our delivery from evil (Luciferian Order), we have the entire Mars retrograde journey to reclaim our fallen aspects, our Original Life Force (LOVE)…to completely withdraw from any remaining false (narcissistic/codependent) dynamics and powerplays that kept us corded to the artificial matrix via genetic implants and patriarchal patterns of imbalance from our lineages, lifestreams, and multiple incarnations past.

The good news is, if you did the inner-work you now have the new neural pathways in place from your corrected masculine & feminine polarities to respond to everything with, for, & as LOVE (neutrality).

To that aim, this Mars retrograde is like no other…it is a time to step into our “ultimate authority” to take back what’s ours/what’s been stolen, to claim back our personal power, and to receive the (Holy) spirit of GOD.  It is time to recover our True alchemical abilities via the reclamation of our Sacred Womb birth-rights and to bring an END to the patriarchal stronghold on humanity’s divine feminine, creative power.

Ultimately it is time to enact our inherent Divine Creatorship capacity to rewrite our body code to the original human genome and to activate our Higher-level mission of Service as “GOD’s right hand”.

Let’s do this.

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